Tell Stress to Skedaddle: 68 Quick Ways to Defuse an Embarrassing Mom Meltdown

AKA: How to rescue a bad day in 5 minutes

Do you realize how many things you could do in 5 minutes?

My Pinterest feed is full of blog posts about how productive you can be in 5 minutes.

Waiting for coffee to brew? You should tackle that pile of mail.
Waiting at the doctor’s office? You should update your Google Calendar.
Cleaning your teeth? You should wipe down the sink and toilet. 

But sometimes the most productive thing you can do is something to take care of yourself.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

So I’ve compiled a list of 68 relaxing things you can do in 5 minutes.

I hope it eases your day, mama. 

Slow down, mama. Here are 68 ways to practice self-care, even if you only have 5 minutes.
“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
— Mahatma Ghandi


Are you an angry mom? Check out these blissful ways to relax in 5 minutes. With 68 relaxing things to do in 5 minutes you'll be spoilt for choice.

1.      Go for a quick walk;

2.      Lie outside and watch clouds;

3.      Just sit outside and get some fresh air and sunlight;

4.      If it’s bad weather, try just opening the windows for 5 minutes and letting some fresh air in;

5.      Have a mini-dance party;

6.      Kickbox (plenty of Youtube mini tutorials available);

7.      Get into the garden and water some flowers, do some deadheading and pull some weeds;

8.      Massage peppermint lotion into your feet;

9.      Make a healthy snack;

10.   Rehydrate with a bottle of water;

11.   Make a smoothie;;

12.   Eat some ice-cream

13.   Take some doctor-approved supplements/vitamins;

14.   Do a HiT workout;

15.   Take a super quick shower;

16.   Get dressed properly (no sweatpants allowed);

17.   Borrow a hula hoop and get hula’ing;

18.   Check your posture;

19.   Make some homemade air freshener (so many 'recipes' on Pinterest)

20.   Shave your legs;

21.   Paint your nails or toenails;

22.   Do some angry-cleaning and work off some frustrations;

23.   Schedule some over-due health appointments (dentist, optician, you know what I mean);


How to rest a bad day for busy and stressed moms

24.   Smell some lavender (either the plant itself or grab some aromatherapy oils);

25.   Do some adult colouring;

26.   Journal what’s on your mind;

27.   Make a list (bucket list, summer bucket list for the kids, whatever takes your fancy);

28.   Write a not-to-do list;

29.   Tidy yourself up (brush your hair, put on some lipstick, whatever makes you feel great);

30.   Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for;

31.   Sing a song (the louder and more out of key the better in my books);

32.   Organize something (check out my post of things you can organize during a commercial break for some quick wins);

33.   Grab your to-do list and start paring it down to the bare necessities;

34.   Or just tear it up;

35.   Write down all your feelings, negative and positive. Don’t try to solve problems, just acknowledge the feelings;

36.   Write an email of encouragement to your future self (at;

37.   Light some candles;

38.   Check your brag-list;

39.   Unfriend anyone negative on Facebook;

40.   Choose a new happy screensaver for your phone;

41.   Be the most optimistic person in the world just for 5 minutes and see how you feel;

42.   Write a list of things you love;

43.   Prepare an excuse for the next time someone asks you to do something you just don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do;

44.   Read some inspirational quotes;


Reset a bad day in 5 blissful minutes with this list of 68 ways to relax. For moms who are trying to do all the things.

45.   Read a few pages of a book;

46.   Read some poetry;

47.   Draw something;

48.   Watch the news;

49.   Listen to some classical music;

50.   Browse Pinterest for a new dish to cook;

51.   Google a place you’d like to visit and have a look at the photos;

52.   Learn a new word in English or in any language you fancy;

53.   Do some of a crossword or Sudoku;

54.   Learn some jokes to tell the kids;


55.   Do some yoga stretches;

56.   Pray;

57.   Read your favorite Bible passage;

58.   Spend a mindful 5 minutes with your pets;

59.   Feed the birds;

60.   Look for a mantra or motto for yourself;

61.   Just sit and be quiet for 5 minutes;

62.   If you’re having a bad day, remind yourself that ‘This too shall pass’;


63.   Perform a random act of kindness;

64.   Send an encouraging text to a family member or friend;

65.   Find something to donate to a charity you support;

66.   Go through a photo album and enjoy the memories;

67.   Pick out some photos you could use in a family calendar;

68.   Cuddle your partner and your little ones.

68 Blissful Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes

There you have it.

68 ways you can take care of yourself in just 5 minutes.

Self-care should be a way of life. Not something you squeeze into 5 minutes when your schedule allows.

But we’ve all had busy days, weeks and years of motherhood when finding time to go to the bathroom alone seems like luxury.

So on those days, those surviving not thriving days, I highly encourage you to carve out 5 minutes for yourself. 

Have an awesome day, mama!

Having a bad day mama? Stop the mom stress with one of these blissful ways to relax in 5 minutes. Self care for moms - it's a thing!

This post is dedicated to all us moms who've ever locked ourselves in the bathroom to cry when motherhood was kicking our collective arse. 

How about you? What do you do to relax after a busy, stressful day? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.