31 Bite Sized Decluttering Tasks to do BEFORE you Spring Clean

AKA 31 Bite-sized decluttering tasks you can do in 5 minutes! .

Do you ever get that feeling that the walls might be closing in on you?

Do you think your home might benefit from a spot of decluttering?

But would you rather have a colonoscopy and root canal surgery - AT THE SAME TIME - than start any decluttering? This post is for you!

Because we KNOW decluttering needs to be done. But it’s so difficult to get started!!

So here are 31 itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, bite-sized portions of decluttering for you to ‘enjoy’.

Good luck, mama!

Declutter before you spring clean. Here are 31 Easy Decluttering Tasks for Spring.

Why Moms Need Bite-Sized Decluttering

Bite-sized decluttering is perfect for moms for two better-than-sex reasons:

  1. When your to-do list is already way into its fifth page, it’s easy to just give up and watch Netflix.

    And it’s easy to forget that small actions can lead to major results. Take this challenge and see for yourself - you can do a lot in 5 minutes.

  2. Too many people are telling moms to start a decluttering task by ‘taking everything out’.


    The kids are already pulling shit out of cupboards, drawers and closets - why would you add to that hoopla??

    Bite-sized is the key to decluttering painlessly.

How to Use This List

Yes, spring cleaning is just around the corner. Give yourself a head start with these 31 decluttering jobs that you can do in 5 minutes! Easy decluttering for a busy mom.

Anyway you damn well like!!

But if you want some ideas, you could start at the top and work through one thing a day.

Or you could just do whatever task you fancy when you get a spare 5 minutes - these tasks shouldn’t take any longer than that.

31 Bite-Sized Decluttering Tasks for Spring

  1. Cull your make up bag of any ugly eye infection causing mascara, dry nail varnish etc.

  2. Recycle any newspapers, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, takeout menus, old calendars, planners,  

  3. Look for any instruction manuals you don’t need - find them online instead save on Evernote

  4. Let go of old tech - phones, random chargers, wires, cords etc tech from another century. remember to dispose of properly!

  5. Purge any old medication - remember to dispose of responsibly!

  6. Get rid of any expired sunscreen

  7. Get your bathroom looking sparkly by throwing out yucky bathroom items - mouldy bath toys, gross sponges, loofahs, old combs or brushes, toothbrushes,

  8. Put all kitchen utensils in a basket - when you use them, put them back. Donate what you don’t use by the end of the month.

  9. Say adios to any out of date herbs and spices or any that you don’t use.

  10. Get rid of any Tupperware with missing lids,

  11. Donate any recipe books you don’t love

  12. Clear your kitchen cupboards of any excess water bottles, travel mugs, chipped mugs, etc

  13. Feel instantly more stylish by throwing out any old underwear, socks with holes, hosery with ladders etc

  14. Ditch the uncomfortable shoes - stop torturing yourself

  15. Donate any DVDs or CDs you don’t want

  16. Pick out no more than 5 books to donate

  17. Pick out no more than 5 children’s books to donate

  18. Do a mini closet purge and pick no more than 5 items of clothing to donate

  19. Get rid of stuff you don’t use by finding no more than 5 items from the kitchen to donate

  20. Donate any winter items you didn’t use this year - someone needs it, mama. No more than 5!

  21. Open that linen closet and purge up to 5 linen closet items - sheets, towels,

  22. Donate any jeans that don’t fit

  23. Grab your wallet and purge old gift cards, old business cards, store cards you don’t use etc - dispose of properly!

  24. Get rid of any cleaning products you don’t use - donate to a happy recipient!

  25. Purge the fridge and freezer of any suspicious food - it’s not worth the diarrhoea!!

  26. Talking of expired food, check the pantry - no more than 5 items!

  27. Say bye bye to any ornaments you don’t love - no more than 5

  28. Donate any non sentimental items your kids no longer use.

  29. Donate any stationery supplies you don’t use

  30. Donate any clothes your kids have grown out of.

  31. Chuck any cheap plastic toys from fast food restaurants your kids no longer play with.

Tips For Completing This Challenge

Yes, spring cleaning is just around the corner. Give yourself a head start with these 31 decluttering jobs that you can do in 5 minutes! Easy decluttering for a busy mom.

Yes, I’m talking about the ‘M’ word: Motivation.

You’re busy, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. But you CAN do this, mama! I know you’ve got this.

So, here are some quick tips to help you cross the finish line.

1. Finding time is a key part of this. I’d recommend doing your decluttering at the same time every day. For example, just after your morning coffee. Pick a time when motivation and energy are high.

For more tips on finding time to declutter, check out these quick and easy tips.

2. Dealing with other people’s clutter can be a nightmare. But don’t declutter someone else’s stuff without their permission - it’ll come back to haunt you, I promise.

For sneaky, Jedi-like mind tricks to get your husband decluttering, check out this post - you can thank me in chocolate later.

3. Before you declutter anything, figure out where you’re going to donate, recycle or trash your shit. Don’t end up with 16 bags of clutter and nowhere to take them!!

Start Your Decluttering - An Easy Bite-Sized Challenge for Sleep-Deprived Moms

Are you ready to get decluttering, mama?

I think too much clutter has to be the number one cause of overwhelm in our homes. But once you start seeing those clearer surfaces, you’ll feel so much better.

Remember to take it easy - decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint.

And remember to always pick playing with your kids and sleep over decluttering. Priorities, right?

Don’t forget to pin for later.

31 simple Decluttering tasks for busy moms. If you need motivation to get started decluttering, check out this list of 31 easy decluttering tasks you can do in 5 minutes.