83 Easy Organizing Tasks You Can Finish During A Commercial Break

If you know me you know I'm addicted to shows like Doctor. Who, Sherlock and Supernatural.

But while I love TV, I hate commercial breaks because I usually can't resist grabbing a few cookies or a dollop of ice cream. Boredom eating. Do you do this too?

This year, I've been trying to make small changes to lose that post-baby weight.

And one trick that really helps me is to replace my usual commercial break trip to the cookie jar with a quick spurt of organizing.

And while Victoria's Secret haven't yet called to ask me to join one of their runway shows (surely, an oversight!) this tactic is keeping my boredom eating in check.

And our home certainly appreciates the extra TLC.

Wondering where to start getting organized? Start getting organized with this list of 83 quick and easy organizing jobs.

How about you?

Are you yearning for a little dollop of organization in your life? If you don't have time for a main-course of organizing with a side helping of perfectionism, here’s my solution:

83 (and counting) bite-sized pieces of organizing that won’t leave you too bloated to enjoy the rest of your day.

Bon appetite!

How to Use This List

83 Organizing Tasks You Can do During a Commercial Break

Don’t go wild and add 14 or 15 of these tasks to your to do list. 

Instead, download the free printable list of these jobs by clicking on the big button below.

When you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes (or during a commercial break), refer to this organizing menu and indulge in whatever job takes your fancy.

Or you could more methodically work through one room until all the jobs have been savoured.

You be the judge of what works for you!

83 Organizing Tasks You Can Finish
During a Commerical Break

Home Office 

1.      Pull together your supplies to create a pretty mail station including greetings cards and paper, envelopes, packing tape, scissors, stickers and stamps;

2.      Purchase online all the greetings cards you’re going to need for the next 3 months;

3.      Write out all the greetings cards you’re going to need to send this month;

4.      Create a charging station for all your devices. Don’t forget to label the wires;

5.      Shred some old confidential papers you no longer need;

6.      Check your bank account balance;

7.      File as many items as you can in 5 minutes;

8.      Purge any old pens;

9.      Find something to use as an in-tray;

10.   Sort through the snakes-nest of cords and label if necessary;

11.   Start a gift idea list for those people in your life it’s hard to buy for. Write down any clues they drop about things they’d like for Christmas and birthdays.

Family Time

 12.   Upload some photos to the photo-printing website of your choice;

13.   Update family calendar; 

14.   Write down some things your children did or said recently that you want to remember/remind them of in front of their future partners;

15.   Plan a family film night; pick a film and find some sweet treats;

16.   Write a seasonal bucket list;

17.   Find an old file folder to store items for a family scrapbook for the year;

18.   Write down a favorite recipe and start a homemade recipe book for your children when they go to university/leave home *sob*;

19.   Scan or photograph some of your children’s art work;

20.   Write down 3 things you’re grateful for today;

21.   Think of old random act of kindness you could do for a loved one or even a stranger;


Children’s Room and Toys

83 Organizing Tasks You Can do During a Commercial Break


22.   Throw away any old or dry felt tip pens;

23.   Find 1 toy to donate to charity;

24.   Find as many outgrown clothes as you can to donate to charity;



25.   Find a pretty jar or pencil case and stock it with pens so you never have to fumble for one again;

26.   Stick a dry erase board or a magnetic pad to the fridge and promise to write down all the things you find yourself running out of throughout the week;

27.   Write a meal plan for the rest of the week;

28.   Throw away or shred some junk mail;

29.   Start a change jar and dedicate it to something fun;

30.   Toss any old cleaning supplies you no longer use (be sure to check the label and dispose of them correctly);

31.   Check spice rack for out of date items;

32.   Check pantry for out of date items;

33.   Check fridge for out of date items;

34.   Reunite all your pieces of Tupperware with their matching lids;

35.   Hunt for 2 kitchen gadgets, dishes or utensils you could donate to charity;

36.   Clear kitchen table of any clutter;

37.   Find a cookbook you no longer use to donate to charity;

38.   Make a meal plan for tomorrow;

39.   Dig into the freezer and uncover something that needs eating pronto;

41.   Chop up some veg for an easy to grab snack;



43.   Empty all the rubbish out of your car;

44.   Pack some tissues, hand gel, trash bags and baby wipes in the car (you know you’re going to need them some time);

45.   Wipe the steering wheel, stereo and dashboard over with some antibacterial wipes;

46.   Make sure there’s emergency water in the car;



47.   Nominate a hook, dish or tray to hold your keys to prevent anymore frustrating hunt-the-key games before you leave home;

48.   Use a basket to store seasonally appropriate accessories: hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, sun-cream, tissues etc;

49.   Shop your home for a small basket to store items you need to take with you out of the house: library books, store returns, borrowed items etc;

50.   Find dad a dish to hold all his ‘man-pocket-treasures’ so he doesn’t have to dump it all over kitchen counters;

51.   If you’re prone to forgetting things, make a checklist reminder to keep by the door. Never find yourself without baby wipes, hand gel or burp cloths again;

52.   Create a shoe cleaning kit with brushes, polish, and rags;

53.  Empty our your purse and remove any junk or things that just don't belong in there;


Living room

83 Organizing Tasks You Can do During a Commercial Break


54.   Corral all the remote controls into one spot;

55.   Throw away any old newspapers and magazines;

56.   Find 2 books to donate to your favorite good cause;



57.   Throw away any toiletries you no longer use;

58.   Edit your make-up bag. Check for out of date items, toss anything that is dried out and crusty;

59.   Wash your make up brushes;

60.   Pull the old hair out of your hairbrush;

61.   Check any medicine for expiration dates (then move all medicines out of the bathroom to somewhere cooler and dryer);

62.   Find a discrete and safe place to hide a small cleaning kit for bathroom touch-ups in between cleans. Be sure that it is out of children’s reach;

63.   Try to remember if anyone is due a new toothbrush and add it to shopping list;

64.   Take down that shower curtain and put it in the washing machine (checking the label before you do so, of course);



65.   Find 2 items of clothing you no longer wear to donate to charity;

66.   Throw away any socks with holes;

67.   Donate 2 pieces of costume jewellery you haven’t worn recently;

68.   Throw away any shoes that have seen better days;

69.   Hang up any clothes that are currently on the floor, on a chair or in the bathroom;



83 Organizing Tasks You Can do During a Commercial Break


70.   Clear off your bedside table to just the essentials for a good night’s sleep;

71.   Stack a few bottles of water near the bed for night-time thirst-quenching;

72.   Place a small pad and a pen near your bed to capture any good ideas or worries that might stop you sleeping;



73.   Check smoke alarms;

74.   Put on a service wash for your washing machine if required;

75.   Throw away any linens you know you won’t use;

76.   Put away as many things as you can;

77.   Grab a bag and do a declutter sprint; find as many things to purge from your home as possible. Don’t know where to start? Check out this helpful post of items to declutter easily.

78.   Unsubscribe from any email lists you are no longer completely thrilled to be on;

79.   Check your emergency torches have functional batteries with them;

80.   Order some emergency torches if you don’t have already have some;

81.   Make sure you know how to shut off water and power to your home in event of emergency;

82.   Schedule any over-due medical appointments;

83.   Clear your mind by writing down all those to-do’s you’ve been thinking about recently

Health Warning

Please don’t try to fill every available 5 minutes with jobs and projects.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is spend 5 minutes taking a breath of fresh air, saying a prayer, or languidly making a cup of coffee.

If you feel in need of some calm and relaxation, I can heartily recommend that you to read this post about 68 blissful ways to relax in 5 minutes. It’s the perfect accompaniment to these bite-sized morsels.



I know, I know.

Some of these jobs look like they might take more than 5 minutes. And I wouldn't want you to miss your favorite shows. 

But if you challenge yourself to complete the job in 5 minutes, you might just surprise yourself.

The impending deadline can really galvanize you into action.

And it can be a great antidote to perfectionism. Of course, there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t go back later and pretty it up.

83 Easy Organizing Tasks You Can Finish During a Commercial Break


83 nutritious bite-sized organizing jobs that won’t spoil your appetite.

It’s truly amazing what we can achieve in 5 minutes.

Get your FREE printable menu of jobs by clicking HERE

How about you? I'd love to know if you tried doing any of these smaller tasks and what impact it has on your home. Let me know in the comments below. 

Looking for some quick and easy ways to get your whole house organized? Check out these easy organizing tasks you can do in 5 minutes.