34 Ways to Show Your Favorite Blogger you Love Them

Blogging can be lonely.


I mean, most of us are ‘Employee of the Month’ every damn month.

And the worst part is our families don’t understand the whole blogging struggle. To them ‘earning a living online’ sounds vaguely like we’re involved in some sort of porn!!

The only people who truly understand bloggers are other bloggers.

So let’s show our favorite bloggers that someone appreciates all the hard work they do - when they’d much rather sleep, watch Netflix or just lie comatose on the couch.

I’ve assembled a list of 34 little acts of kindness that you can do today - right now - to show your love.

34 ways to show your favorite blogger you love them

Pick one and take action now.

Your small action might be the one thing that stops your favorite blogger giving up, feeling like garbage or turning to drink.

And no, it won’t cost you much time, money or energy.

Bloggers Unite!!

Acts of Kindness - Bloggers Edition

Write Your Love

  1. Leave a meaningful comment on an ignored blog post.

  2. Write a detailed testimonial for a freebie you loved. Include specific results you achieved and screenshots and photos where appropriate.

  3. Write a detailed testimonial for a course you loved - again, screenshot and photo your success.

  4. Join their mailing list.

  5. When they email to ask ‘what’s your biggest struggle?’, email back. And explain exactly what you’re struggling with, how this makes you feel, and what an ideal solution would look like for you. That's copy-writing gold for them.

  6. Send a short reply to their latest email campaign.

  7. Write a review for their book on Amazon.

  8. Write a blog post explaining how their course helped you  - and not just for the affiliate income!

  9. Send an e-Christmas card thanking them for all their hard work this year.

  10. When they don’t post for a while or disappear from social media - send a quick ‘are you ok?’ email. Check if they need help with anything.

  11. Send them a love note when they screw up - yep, we’re all human.

Share your Love

  1. Share a helpful resource if you see them struggling - it’s OK to send brownies recipes too.

  2. Join their new Pinterest group boards - and invite them to join yours.

  3. Instagram a photo of you using their freebie or paid offering and tag someone who could benefit.

  4. Follow them everywhere on social media - more followers means more opportunities to work with brands.

  5. Retweet the crap out of their Twitter account

  6. Report any abuse they’re getting on social media. Let’s stand together against that shit!!

  7. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel or podcast.

Facebook Your Love

  1. Join and participate in their new Facebook group.

  2. If it’s crickets in there, help get that party started - glow sticks and whistles optional.

  3. If their Facebook group has a promo day, don’t just drop a link and run. It’s just disrespectful to the other bloggers in there and the group’s owner.

  4. Help to answer questions that people post in their FB group.

  5. Like their FB page.

  6. Share their latest event, blog post or launch on your Facebook page - that algorithm’s a bitch!

  7. Use Facebook group promo day to promote one of their blog posts.

Look Behind you to Newer Bloggers - You were a Beginner Once

  1. Take a moment to reply when they email you dumb questions - create canned responses to speed things up.

  2. Reach out to newer bloggers and ask them to participate in a blog post round up - they’ll do a happy dance when they get your email.

  3. Agree to let a beginner blogger do a guest post on your blog - even if their pitch was unsolicited. Give them points for trying at least!!

  4. Invite bloggers who purchased your course to be affiliates.

  5. Link to their posts in your latest blog post - if helpful to your readers. They’ll love you for it.

  6. Add their freebie or paid offering to your blog’s Resources Page - even if you’re not an affiliate

  7. If a blogger leaves a comment on your blog post, take 10 seconds to check out their website. You never know - you may just find your new blogger BFF!

Spend time and money

  1. About to make a big purchase? Find out if any of your favorite bloggers are affiliates for that product and buy through their link.

  2. Send an e-gift card for Starbucks - all bloggers NEED coffee.

  3. Offer to help in some small way with their launch - proofreading, sharing links.. There’s a metric ton of ways you could help.

Bloggers Unite!

Blogging is lonely, hard work.

Long hours, no vacations, and no Christmas party- booooo!

On top of that there are trolls, haters, and people-with-private-Instagram-accounts- who-feel-it’s-OK-to disrespect-the-rest-of-us.

And, yes, the glass of chardonnay is big enough for us all. So don’t be afraid to support another blogger. To be their champion, their cheerleader, and most of all, their friend.

Quick - tell me which act of kindness you’re going to perform today - and if you can think of any other ways to show your blogger love.

Here’s a big high five to all of you blogging when you could be sleeping - *clap*.