Why You Should Hire a Blog Coach - Even If You've Just Started Your Blog

Growing a blog is tough, right?

I mean, there are so many different things you could be working on. And there are so many 'experts' telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing - but they never seem to agree on what you should do. So you're pulled in lots of different directions: Stressed out, sleep deprived and disappointed. 

But what if a trusted friend could show you the way?

What if instead of 'investing' in course after course (that you never finish anyway), there was a different way to learn, work and grow?

If that sounds good, you might be ready to work with a blog coach

Why you should hire a blog coach - yes, even if you've only just started your blog

A blog coach can help you get clarity on what YOU need to be doing to grow YOUR blog and business. 

Yes, it does cost a bit of money.

But, no it's not as much as you think. 

And it's certainly a lot smarter than taking course after course that you never finish - take it from a recovering course junkie!


I know this idea might be new for you, so I asked 3 of the smartest, kindest, most generous blog coaches you could ever meet to answer some pretty searching questions. 

And they said yes!!

Shall we get started?

Meet The Blog Coaches

 Kristie, The Official CEO Mom, Emma Lee Bates, and Alessandra, The Thrive Coach AKA Women You Need In Your Blog Life

 Kristie, The Official CEO Mom, Emma Lee Bates, and Alessandra, The Thrive Coach AKA Women You Need In Your Blog Life

Kristie - The Official CEO Mom

Photo of Kristie The Official CEO Mom


Firstly, Kristie, I'd love to know why you decided to offer coaching as a service? Isn’t it all about passive income these days?

Passive income is definitely something you should implement at some point within your business model. I mean, who doesn’t like to make money while sitting on a beach, right?

I know I do!

And I do. I have trainings and utilize methods such as affiliate marketing but I love working with people.

I love seeing people achieve their goals and getting an opportunity to be a part of their success story.
— Kristie, The Official CEO Mom

OK, so, tell us about the coaching services you offer?

I am a marketing strategist for bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to authentically reach and grow their audience.

I currently offer one on one brand building and monetizing strategy services. I am also launching a group coaching program that will be launching very soon!


Why should someone hire a blog coach? What’s in it for them?

Everyone needs a coach.

Your coach should have a coach. Even I have a coach. We all have something that we are great at and we all have things we aren’t so great at and that is when we need to allow someone else to step in to assist us.

I think there is a stigma that coaches are only needed when something is wrong or when we aren’t good enough and that simply isn’t true.

If you care about the growth of your business and you want to great impact your community, hire a coach.


When should someone hire a blog coach? As a beginner? Do they have to wait until they’ve found success?

I suggest hiring a coach when you are ready to see a shift occur in your business. When you are ready to take things to the next level, you should seek a coach. You can take your brand only so far by yourself.


OK, so what should bloggers look for in a coach?

There are a few things to look for when hiring a coach in my opinion.

First of all, not everyone who calls themselves a coach is truly qualified. Find out what makes them an expert in their field. For example, I went to school for advertising and marketing and I started as a social media intern for a magazine then worked my way up as a digital marketing exec for an ad agency.

You want to make sure the person who you hire is well knowledgeable in their skillset.

You also want to look for testimonials of some sort. Social proof is very important, especially when you are making a large investment such as hiring a coach.

Kristie showcases her talent in her amazing podcast. Episodes are 20 minutes long - perfect for busy mompreneurs. Check out the latest episode here


How can we make the most of coaching?

Show up.

Because we depend on testimonials and the success of our clients in order to grow our business, we need you to show up, put in the effort and actually do the work. You are our product!


What ONE thing do you like potential clients to know about you?

One thing potential clients should know about me is that I will be your biggest cheerleader.

And if I can’t help you, I will refer you to someone who can.

I like to make money in my business but that isn’t my business.


My business is serving my clients and seeing them do great things and tapping into the best version of themselves.
— Kristie, The Official CEO Mom

Find out more about Kristie by visiting her about page.


How can people contact you if they’re interested in your coaching?

If you are interested in learning more about what I offer, you can visit my website at The Official CEO Mom 

Not ready for coaching? No problem, feel free to sign up for my mailing list and get freebies and resources you need to grow your blog and your business.


Emma - at Emma Lee Bates

Photo of Emma Lee Bates, Blog Coach


Firstly, why did you decide to offer coaching as a service? Isn’t it all about passive income these days?

I love working with people to get their business started! Once I had started a business I got lots of people asking me questions and looking for advice. I really feel in love with the process. It's really exciting to see people succeed.


OK, so tell us about the coaching services you offer?

I am a small business coach.

I try to help bloggers and small business owners reach the next step on their journey.

Whether you need one meeting to create a plan or twelve weeks of meetings to create a business, I can help!
— Emma Lee Bates


Why should a blogger hire a blog coach? What’s in it for them?

An outside perspective.

As a blogger, it can be so easy to get lost in the weeds. Sometimes you need someone looking over your shoulder saying, sure that's great but how is it going to earn you money or move you forward.

I know the thought of paying someone to give you advice can seem like a waste of money, but it is actually one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business.

Check out Emma's incredibly helpful guide on starting a small business HERE. It covers branding, marketing, legalisites, pricing your offerings and much more.


When should a blogger hire a blog coach? As a beginner? Do they have to wait until they’ve found success?

No! I think you should hire a blog coach when you feel stuck. Beginning a blog can be so exciting, you are learning and growing every day, but then there comes a point when you are not sure what to do or where to turn.

That's when you should hire a coach


What should bloggers look for in a coach?

I think the most important thing is to look for someone you "click" with. Having that sense of excitement will help carry you forward when they tell you something difficult to hear.

You want to be able to trust them and believe their advice, but you should also look forward to your meetings.
— Emma Lee Bates


How can we make the most of coaching?

Really try to implement what the coach is telling you to do. It is easy to listen and make a list but it is hard to actually do it. Don't bother paying someone if you are not going to try their ideas, it would be a waste of your money and their time.


What ONE thing do you like potential clients to know about you?

That I'm still learning every day! I don't feel that I have reached any sort of "expertise" but I do have a lot of experience. I feel it's important to always keep learning and growing in your field.

Find out more about Emma by visiting her about page


How can people contact you if they’re interested in your coaching?

You can find out more about my packages HERE.

I also offer custom packages. You can contact me through that page if you have questions.

Alessandra Braun - The Thrive Coach

Alessandra Braun, The Thrive Coach

Firstly, why did you decide to offer coaching as a service? Isn't it all about passive income these days?

I LOVE working individually and in groups.

I have had courses (and still do) but I missed the interaction and personalized work of coaching, so I switched back to it.

I also loooove getting super pumped up with my clients about their businesses and this generally happens when I offering coaching services and not through my courses.
— Alessandra, The Thrive Coach

I will be creating a tiered structure (1:1, group, & membership programs) that 1) helps give options to those moms starting out who may not have the funds for 1:1 coaching yet and 2) gives me the ability to reach more people while still doing the work I love.


Tell us about the coaching services you offer?

My passion is helping moms create the life for their family that they want most. Usually this includes starting a business from home so that they can:

1) spend as much time with their kids as possible and

2) follow their passions and connect with their purpose while creating a living out of it.

I work 1:1, in a group setting and I will be starting a membership site in the next few months. I walk my mommas step-by-step through the stages of establishing a business, building their list, creating products/selling services, becoming profitable, then scaling + automating so they can work less!

Isn’t that all of our dreams! To be able to have an impact, help people, and have the freedom to make the choices we WANT for us and our families.
— Alessandra, The Thrive Coach

Why should a blogger hire a blog coach? What's in it for them?

Having a coach can be invaluable to your business. Coaches have been there already, they know what works, and what doesn’t. They can walk you through the pieces of your business that you may not know yet AND help you with your mindset.

One of my favorite aspects of being a business coach is helping my moms with their success mindset, helping them get out of their own ways, and creating the business they desire. I know from experience, that even though I had all the pieces of strategy in place, if my mindset was not correct, I was not experiencing any growth.

Hiring a coach will not only give you the exact steps that you need to take in your business to grow, but will also open up belief in yourself, your dream, and your business, and opens your path up to success, in a MUCH easier way than if you were doing it on your own.


When should a blogger hire a blog coach? As a beginner? Do they have to wait until they've found success?

I recommend if you can hire a coach, DO IT, as soon as possible.

If you truly want to have success and you want to do it RIGHT the FIRST time, then hire a coach. If you have BIG dreams, hire a coach. If you have a TON of ideas constantly, hire a coach, she will help you sift through them and execute them quicker than if you were on your own (I know this from experience….)

I made an investment in a high ticket coach at the very beginning and I am thankful that I did. It was before I had made my first $1000 and it got me to those $3k+ months.


What should bloggers look for in a coach?


That is the #1 thing. If you do not feel connected to your coach you won’t get results. You need to have trust and trust comes out of connection. You also want a coach you LIKE! Someone who has an understanding of your business and your vision and who actually expresses interest in your topic! You definitely want a coach that is going to mirror your passion in your business.

If you're not ready for blog coaching yet, I can heartily recommend joining her supportive Facebook group.


How can bloggers make the most of coaching?

Listen and execute. Do the work. You will only get success out of coaching in proportion to how much you put in. Create the time for it. Headspace for it. Give yourself time to take care of yourself, your family, AND your business.


What 1 thing do you like potential clients to know about you?

Oooh. This is a tough one.

I want them to know that I care. Like FIERCELY care. I want my clients, my mommas, my friends to have everything that they want
— Alessandra, The Thrive Coach

. To succeed. To build the life and business that they dream about.

Find out more about Alessandra by visitng her about page.


How can people contact you if they're interested in your coaching? (Please include links etc)

I will be rolling out a few programs coming up shortly, so if you want to be in the know + join my waitlist and to be a part of my community head over here:

Investing In Your Business - Yes, It's a Business (not a hobby!)

Aren't they amazing?

And such an inspiration to us just starting out!

Yes, I know coaching seems like a massive investment. But honestly, I think you'll be (pleasantly) surprised when you see the prices and what you actually get for your money. 

I was going to write about my experiences of coaching and give you some tips for working with a blog coach. But this blog post is already pretty long - so I'm going to save that for another day. 

For now, PLEASE go and check out their links and think about how a blog coach might benefit you. 

Don't forget to pin for later!