How to Get Motivated to Declutter - 10 More Ways to Find Decluttering Motivation

You’ve suffered with it long enough, mama!

Shoes, coats, books, Power Rangers….you’re just sick of falling over it all.

Now it’s time to take action and get decluttering.

At least it would be if you weren’t stuck in a rut of zero decluttering motivation.

So what’s a mama to do?

Read on for 10 tips to get you excited about decluttering.

How to find the motivation to declutter - 10 tips to help you get motivated to declutter

This is Part Two in a series of tips to get you motivated to declutter. Check out Part One here.

Get movitvated to declutter - 10 Helpful Tips

1 | Get Some Sleep

Getting motivated to declutter starts with a good night's sleep.


I’m serious.

As a mom, I’m guessing that you’re burning the candle at both ends.

But here’s the truth, it’s pretty near to impossible to find motivation to do anything if you’re exhausted.

So just for a few days, prioritise sleep above everything else.

Call a babysitter, call in sick, call in favours, call in the mother in-law cavalry - just get some damn sleep.

Your clutter will still be there.

2 | Find Some Inspiration on Instagram

Knowing your end goal is vital in achieving any goal.

But getting hella specific about what your goal looks like - what it feels like and what it tastes like - is going to turbo charge your motivation.

So get on Instagram and follow some inspiring accounts. I love to follow along with @unclutterit. She’s super-smart, super-funny, and her before and after shots are awe-inspiring.

A word of caution - only follow people who are going to inspire and motivate you.

Following accounts that make you feel like garbage is not smart. We’re looking for motivation here, mama, not masochism.

3 | Take Some Photos

Are you up for some shock treatment?

One of the reasons we struggle with clutter is because often we don’t even see it. We get so used to seeing it - falling over it - on a daily basis.

So take some photos of your home, grab a glass of something strong and take a look at those photos.

Looking at our living space through a lense can give us a motivating kick up the arse.

And these will make great ‘before’ photos for you to keep track of how far you’ve come.

You could even post them on Instagram and give yourself some public accountability.

4 | Move House

Declutter easily with this cunning question - if you were moving house, would you be willing to pay to transport this item?

A bit drastic, I know.

But stay with me.

I’ve moved house a lot. I used to be a soldier. My husband was a soldier.

Let’s just say we got used to packing up our shit at a moment’s notice.

And I mention this because nothing spurs a decluttering session like an impending house move.

Obviously you don’t actually have to move house.

But ask yourself this - what items would you be willing to pay to transport to another house?

And what items would you leave behind in a heartbeat?

5 | Throw a Party

Like you don’t have enough to do! Ammiright??

One way to get motivated is to be accountable.

So schedule a party - with real human guests!!

It doesn’t have to be an actual fancy dinner party with a Martha Stewart-esque centrepiece.


A simple play date, movie night, or relaxed dinner with your friends would be fine.

The point is - the impending arrival of actual freakin’ people to your humble abode should be all the motivation necessary to fuel your decluttering.

6 | Make it a Party

Ok - so if you don’t want to throw a party, at least make it a party.

Sorry, that should have read ‘PAR-TAY!!;

Put on some upbeat music, pour yourself a nice drink, open the windows, and let’s do this!!

And I can even recommend putting on your most kick-ass outfit. Something to give you a bit of confidence and va-va-voom!!

Decluttering doesn’t have to be horrible - and if you’re doing it, you might as well enjoy it.

7 | Announce Your Intentions AKA Risk Public Shame

Stay accountable by announcing your decluttering goal on social media.

Get on social media, shout it from the rooftops, whisper it at the school gates - just making your goal public can spur you on to get ‘er done.

It’s typical human behaviour - we don’t want to lose face by not doing what we’ve promised to do.

8 | Find Some Friends

Decluttering is very on trend right now.

So it’s likely you can find some friends in real life or friends online that’ll happily join you on your decluttering journey.

See if you can find someone to share your struggles and help you celebrate your wins.

Lots of your favorite organizing bloggers have encouraging Facebook groups where you can post photos, ask for help and celebrate your success.

Check out Chrissy from Organise My House Her Facebook group is awesome!!

9 | Make it a Habit

Easy decluttering tip - grab your planner and schedule yourself some mini decluttering sessions

Decluttering - like showering - is not something you can ever tick off your to-do list if you have kids.

Kids accumulate crap. It’s a fact of life.

So instead of punishing yourself with marathon decluttering sessions, just try making it a habit instead.

Schedule mini decluttering sessions into your diary on a weekly or monthly or seasonal basis - whatever works for you.

And be crystal bloody clear about what you’ll declutter.

For example: Declutter the kids’ bookcase and find 10 books to donate to the Goodwill store. Drop the books off when I next go grocery shopping.

That is a specific goal. It’s an achievable goal.

And most importantly, it includes a plan for getting rid of the stuff your declutter.

If you’re just starting out on your decluttering journey, why not take a look at this list of 198 things you can declutter without shedding a tear.

10 | Let Someone Help You

Yes, it’s OK to ask for help.

And I just wanted you to know that I’ll be opening up my coaching services soon.

So if you’ve been struggling with decluttering and need some guidance and inspiration, send me a quick note and I’ll send you all the details.

I’m keeping this service super affordable for moms - it’s way cheaper than hiring a professional organizer to come to your home.

And far less mortifying than having a stranger pick through your dark corners!!

How to Get Motivated to Declutter

Are you excited to start decluttering yet?

Listen, mama, we all know decluttering isn’t easy.

It involves lots of difficult decisions. It can suck your time and can get overwhelming fast.

So keep it simple: start small and just do it little by little.

Over to you - what’s the worst thing about decluttering? What are you struggling to declutter? let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Don’t forget to pin for later.

How to declutter when your whole house is a mess - first you need some motivation. Try these 10 tried and tested tips to get you motivated to declutter