How to be an Organized Mom - When You’re Exhausted and Just Want to Ugly Cry in the Shower

Oops…..this is kinda awkward.

But you see…..

Normally, I write about how sexy home management systems are.

And normally, I tell y’all to get hot under the collar about work flows, lists and routines.

But not today.

Because this is a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ kinda post.

How to be an organized mom - 10 ways to simplify life as a mom. These simple tasks take 5 minutes or less! And they'll make a big difference to how organized your home life is.

So if you’re:

  • flat-out exhausted,

  • down to your last sliver of sanity,

  • on the verge of ugly tears

  • AND wondering whether ‘daytime drinking’ is still a mom thing,

then you’re in the right place.

Yes, you know you need to ‘get organized’.

But sometimes you need some quick wins.

So here you go, mama.

Here are 11 easy AF, 5-minute tasks to start you on the road to getting organized.

How to Be an Organized Mom

1 | Stick on a Load of Laundry

How to be an organized mom - 10 simple tasks to help you get started organizing

That’s it.

Just get that machine going.

Bonus Points if you go and put ALL the dry laundry away now.

Making it stick - pop a load of laundry on every morning BEFORE you make coffee.

Write yourself a note to remind yourself to and stick that note somewhere you’ll see it as soon as you get up.

I used to really struggle with putting laundry away.

And let’s face it, that’s the hard part, isn’t it?

So I made it part of my evening routine. I put away ALL the laundry before I go to bed.

When I first started, it took me ages. But now I’m on top of the laundry, it’s much easier.

Give it a try - see if this works for you.

2 | Make a Meal Plan for The Rest of The Week

And keep it simple.

It’s OK to add ‘take out’, ‘pizza night’ and/or breakfast for dinner.

You’re just trying to get yourself through the week. To give yourself a bit of breathing space.

Just grab a piece of paper and write a list of meals to eat.

Do it NOW.  

Bonus Points if you think of where to keep your meal plan once this week is over.

Too often we start meal planning from scratch every week. Keep your old meal plans and recycle them after a few weeks - no one will notice!!

Making it stick - When you’re ready to create a meal planning habit, Check out this super simple meal planning system for busy moms.

3 | Check Your Bank Balance

How to be an organized mom - 10 simple tasks to help you get started organizing

Yes, I mean it.

No matter how bad you think it might be, you need to know.

Bonus Points - Automate your bills.

This is a one-off job you can do that is gonna save your sweet ass from late fees.

Just figure out what recurring bills you pay and find out how to get them automated - ask for text reminders too, so you know what money is about to be taken from your account in advance.

Making it stick - Set up a monthly budget. If you like tech solutions, why not try out Minted for free. Or YNAB - they have a free trial that is definitely worth a look!

4 | Stick a Shopping List Pad on the Fridge

One of those magnetic pads with pen attached would be lovely.

But a few pieces of scrap paper would be fine.

And blu-tak a pen to the fridge while you’re at it.

Bonus Points - Find out if your local grocery store offers a delivery service. Or a free collect service. This will save you time and hellish journeys round supermarkets.

Making it stick - Write a ‘Master Shopping List’ of things you buy every week or month: toilet rolls, bleach, vitamins, bread, tambourines, bazukas (just checking you’re still awake)….whatever you definitely don’t want to run out of.

Before you go shopping, check your master list to see what you need to add to your shopping list.

Better still, see if you can save time and money with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save.

5 | Create an Inbox for All That Paper

How to be an organized mom - 10 simple tasks to help you get started organizing

Paperwork can trip up even the most organized of moms.

There’s just so much of it - my kids bring home armfuls of paper from school every day!

But just for now, find a box, tray, binder or old baby bath and toss all the loose papers, mail, school papers, take out menus...whatever you can find in your home, into that ONE place.

Bonus Points - Schedule 15 minutes when you can go through that inbox and start dealing with it.

Maybe you won’t get through all of it in 15 minutes - but psychologically you’re more likely to start if you set a timer.

After 15 minutes just walk away.

Taking it Further - You need a filing system. Check out this magnificent paperwork challenge from Laura at I Heart Planners.

6 | Purge Your Cleaning Supplies

Just open whatever cupboard you keep your cleaning supplies in and figure out what the hell is in there.

Throw away anything you don’t use or any old cleaning cloths or rubber gloves that are past using.

Bonus Points - Put together a pretty caddy so you’re ready to take on the cleaning.

Don’t overthink this one.

We’re going for ‘done’ not ‘perfect’.

Making it Stick - You need a cleaning routine that works for you.

But a good place to start is by heading over to Instagram and following Clean Mama. She posts daily cleaning tasks on Instagram that you can follow along with.

And every month on her blog, she posts a monthly cleaning schedule. It’s simple, easy and do-able.

Yes, you may tweak it for yourself as you go along. But it’s a bloody good place to start.

7 | Prepare to Declutter

How to be an organized mom - 10 simple tasks to help you get started organizing

Chances are high that you need to do some decluttering.

But before we start any decluttering, we need to figure out where/how you’re going to get rid of that stuff once you’ve decluttered it.

So pull up Google or the local ads and look for charity shops, thrift shops, dogs’ homes, homeless shelters...anywhere you can donate your stuff to.

And check whether they have a home collection service.

(Keep a note of those important addresses and phone numbers - you’ll be needing them again soon).

Bonus Points - Start working through this list of 198 things you can declutter without shedding a tear.

Click the image to go read the post now!

Making it Stick - Schedule an hour in your diary once a month to declutter.

Just pick one room a month and declutter whatever you can in one hour.

Then stop.

Job done.

What matters here is that you’re doing something once a month.

If you’re struggling to find time to declutter, check out this helpful post.

8 | Organize Your Entryway

Since that’s the first part of your house that you see when you get home, let’s make sure you get a nice welcome.

So get rid of any seasonal items you’re not using right now.

If it’s the middle of summer, stash the woolly hats, scarves and earmuffs with the winter clothes. You get the idea!

Shake out the mats and vacuum clean thoroughly.

Bonus Points - Get some baskets - or whatever is appropriate for your entryway.

One for each family member to keep their outdoor things in.

Little ones can easily toss their shoes in a basket.

And add a key hook and somewhere to keep your wallet.

Making it Stick - Start ‘training’ each family member to keep this area tidy and organized.

You can’t keep your home tidy and organized all by yourself.

So you do need your family to help. And starting with this one confined space is an easy place to start.

9 | Sleep

How to be an organized mom. 10 simple things you can do in 5 minutes to start getting your home organized.


Yes, I mean it.

If you want to be an organized mom, you need to take care of yourself.

And that includes getting some sleep now and again.

So just for a few days, prioritise sleep above everything else.

I promise you’ll feel one million times better and you’ll have more energy to tackle your home.

Bonus Points - When you’re a mom, getting some ‘me’ time is rarer than a purple unicorn. So check out this list of 68 relaxing things you can do in 5-minutes things.

Making it Stick - Make self care a part of your routine.

Basic things like making sure you get enough sleep at least one night a week.

And then take care of higher level needs like time for prayer, time with friends and a creative outlet.

10 | Family Calendar

You need a family calendar to stick on the fridge so you can keep track of dentist appointments, clubs, and music lessons.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just one of those free printables you can find all over Pinterest will do just fine.

Or check out Amazon for a budget friendly one.

Bonus Points - Write down all your family’s commitments for the upcoming month. Break out the Sharpies for some pretty color coding!

Making it Stick - Get all the family involved in keeping this calendar up to date. This is a great way to start teaching kids about time management and taking responsibility for themselves.

11 | Spice Rack

This one couldn’t be simpler!

Go through your spice rack and throw out any spices that are out of date.  

This seems like such a small step. But when you’re struggling at home, a small win like this is great for giving you the motivation to continue.

Bonus Points - Hopefully this small task, gave you some motivation to organize more of your kitchen.

And it doesn’t have to take long.

Check out this amazing video on how to organize your pantry in 15 minutes.
You can even do this if you’ve got a toddler clinging to your legs!!

Making it Stick - Take a little time to organize your whole pantry and you’ll feel like Martha Stewart. I promise.

Check out this step by step post on organizing your pantry - so you never waste food again.

How to Be an Organized Mom

No matter what your house looks like right now, these simple steps will set you on the path to getting - and staying - organized.

These basic tasks take no more than 5 minutes - seriously, go do one right now.

And they’ll make a huge difference to your life.

Just do what you can, day after day. Consistency is vital here.

Tell me in the comments what you struggle with most - I’d love to help.

Have a great day, mama.

You got this!!

(Don’t forget to pin for later!)

How to be an organized mom - 10 ways to simplify life as a mom. These simple tasks take 5 minutes or less! And they'll make a big difference to how organized your home life is.