How to Keep your House Clean With Kids - Because The Mess Is Stressing You Out!!

Do you ever have that feeling that EVERYTHING in your house is dirty?

I’m talking straight-up nasty?

Because it’s practically impossible to keep on top of everything when the kids are pulling out ALLLLLLLL the toys and going through clean clothes on the hour.

I’ve totally been where you are now - baby, small kids, side-hustle, job, plus a soldier-husband who was often away.

But I love a clean home - and I mean, ‘hygienic’ so we don’t all come down sick. Not ‘show home’ level tidy.

So with lots of trial and lots of error, I came up with some sneaky ways to keep my home clean.

And yes, these are tweaks you can do NOW!!

How to keep your house clean with kids - simple cleaning tips for stressed moms.
How To Use This Post: Take a look through the list and see what you think is going to work for you. Pick at least two things you are going to try. You got this, mama!!

Sneaky Ways to Keep Your House Clean + Tidy

1 | Do ‘Add-On’ Tasks to Daily Cleaning Chores

Think of all the tasks you do every day on autopilot.

Such as cleaning your teeth, loading the dishwasher, taking vitamins, cleaning baby bottles.

A sneaky way to keep your house cleaner is to add a small, easy cleaning task to one or two of these everyday tasks.

For example once I’ve loaded the dishwasher after dinner, I always wipe down and disinfect the kitchen counters. Always. I don’t even think about it anymore.

ACTION STEP - What one daily task could you add a cleaning task to?

2 | Declutter Surfaces

How to keep your house clean with kids - simple tips and tricks to stop the mess.

This one is going to change your cleaning life - I promise.

Move any unnecessary stuff off counters, worktops and surfaces so you can clean more easily.
I don’t mean you have to throw that stuff away. Just be really intentional about what you keep out on surfaces.

If the kitchen counters are clear, then it’s much easier to get into the habit of wiping them down daily.

ACTION STEP - Take a look around your home (the kitchen is a good place to start). What surface could you declutter to make cleaning easier?

3 | Keep Cleaning Equipment Easy to Access

You notice the floor is dirty.

So you go to grab the vacuum cleaner.

But wait!!

You have to move all this other stuff first.


It’s too annoying.

So you give up.

And leave the floor for tomorrow.

Which never comes.

Sound familiar?

If it’s a cleaning tool you use every day, keep it within easy reach.

Obviously keep dangerous cleaning stuff away from where kids can reach it!! But beyond that, make it easy to find the stuff you need to clean up.

4 | Enforce a No Shoe Policy

There’s really not much else to say on this one.

5 | Use Better Equipment

Take 2 minutes to think of all the cleaning kit you use.

Is it working for you? Or is there an easier way to do things?

Maybe you invest in a handheld vacuum for quick touch ups?

Maybe one of those mops with a trigger spray for when the kitchen floor is just a bit dirty.

Maybe you fill a jar full of little cloths and homemade cleaning solution to keep by the sink for quick and easy access. Speed clean alert!!

Don’t keep doing the same old shit, if it’s not working for you. And bonus points if you find yourself a pretty cleaning kit - that can work wonders for your motivation to clean.

6 | Set Yourself a Clean Standard

Quick and easy mom tips to keep your house clean with kids.

Yes, set yourself a clean standard.

So you can say ‘finished’.

Because ‘Clean’ is subjective.

And ‘Tidy’ is hugely subjective. (Just ask my husband and his ‘floor-drobe’.)

What I call ‘clean’ would probably make my grandmother turn in her grave. But that’s my version of clean in this season of life. So that’s what I aim towards.

And this has to be your standard - not what you see on Pinterest, Instagram or what your mother in law thinks the standard should be.

OK, so you didn’t clean the window tracks or wipe the top of the fridge today - well, who gives a shit?

ACTION STEP: Decide right now what the words ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’ actually mean to you.

7 | Steal your Kids’ Toys

Time to Grinch-up, mama!

Put away a good percentage of the toys your kids have access to now.

When kids get bored, bring out one toy from your stash. They’ll appreciate their toys more when you rotate them because the novelty value is there again.

And I swear ‘toy rotation’ will save your mom cleaning life - fewer toys, means less to clean.

Combine toy rotation with a ‘tidy up the those toys, before you get another toy’ rule for true mom-life victory.

ACTION STEP: Grab a bag or basket and go collect a few toys, books or supplies that your child does not currently use on a daily basis. Find a place to stash them away for when you hear the dreaded ‘I’m bored!!!’.

8 | Build Tidying Time into Playing Time

Are you sick of the mess, mama? If you're wondering how to keep your house clean with kids, you're in the right place.

Oh, this is huge!!

Build in tidy up time before meals, bedtime and other set times of the day. Make it part of the ‘play time’.

And make it non-negotiable.

This works if the kids are old enough to tidy or whether you’re tidying up baby things before starting on the bedtime routine. (In which case, get a baby wrap and strap baby to you while you tidy).

Boom!! Tidy house!!

9 | Train Your Kids

If you’re doing all the cleaning and tidying at home...STOP

Seriously, train your kids to do some simple tasks and the key is to train them to do the tasks properly.

One easy place to start if having kids keep their bedroom tidy. Check out this post on how to get your kids to clean their room. Without any crying.

And this is not a selfish thing.

You’re training them for their future adult likes by making sure your kids are actually able to look after themselves. It’s called a life skill.

10 | Change Your Attitude

A clean and tidy house has to be something you really want.

I mean it’s so much easier to let things slide when you’re exhausted, ridiculously busy and unappreciated.

Netflix, anyone?

But if you want a clean house, decide now that a clean house is a priority. Just like cleaning your teeth is a priority.

Once you’ve made that decision, it’s time to realise that it doesn’t have to be painful. 10 minutes really can make a difference - if you’re targeted about using your time.  

This is mindset stuff, but it works.

11 | Whenever You Do Laundry, DO Laundry

Is the mess stressing you out, mama? Check out these 12 easy ways to keep your house clean and tidy.

I’m not going to get hung up on when you ‘should’ do laundry. Some people tell you to do laundry every day, and others recommend every other day or every 3 days.

Look, just do what works for your family - how do I know how many burp cloths you use in a day!!!

But make it a rule that whenever you do laundry, you start and end the laundry that day - sort, wash, dry, put away.


Because this is where shit hits the fan.

12 | Organize Your Shit

I’m sorry, I was a soldier for a decade, so have to say it: Organize Your Shit.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

My old sergeant used to say ‘don’t put it down. Put it away.’ And it works!!

If you’re looking to get more organized, take a look at these helpful posts.

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ACTION STEP: Think about the thing or place in your home that is most annoying you and go organize it. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. It just has to stop annoying you on a daily basis.

Take no more than 15 minutes on this task!

You Can Have a Clean and Tidy House - Even If You Have Kids

OK. So cleaning isn’t the most fun part of you day.

But, who doesn’t love a clean house??

And as a mom, you’re going to have to fight for it every damn day.

So pick one or two these tips and try them now!!

Small changes yield big results.

Drop a comment in the box to let me know what you’re struggling with most and which tip you’re going to try. I can’t wait to hear from you!!

And don’t forget to pin for later - mom brain is a real thing!!

Quick cleaning tips for moms to help you keep your home clean and tidy.