How to Stay Motivated to Blog When You’re a New Mommy Blogger With Zero Page Views

So how’s your blog doing, mama?

After the initial excitement of actually launching your blog has worn off you might be feeling a little bit demotivated.

And why shouldn’t you?

Getting page views is tough when you’re a newbie. And don’t even get me started on trying to monetise your new blog - eugh!!!

But consistency is crucial to blogging success.

So, how do you stay motivated to just keep going?

I have 19 ass-kicking tips to keep you going when you’re feeling slothlike.

Quick! Read on…..

Get motivated to blog - a guide for new mommy bloggers with zero pageviews. Click through to read 19 easy ways to get yourself motivated even if only your mum reads your blog!

19 Ass-Kicking Tips to Get You Motivated to Blog

1 | Take Some Inspired Blogging Action to Stay Motivated

Be honest.

Are you taking action on your blog? Or are you constantly planning, strategising, and researching?

And by ‘researching’ I mean agonising over your branding, font choices or some other detail that doesn’t really matter.

Because, mama, it’s hard to feel motivated when you aren’t seeing progress. And it’s impossible to make progress unless you’re taking action.

So, start an email list, ask an influential blogger to share your content, submit a guest post proposal….anything!

Just do something that will yield a result and feel that motivation flow like beer in a frat house.

2 | Choose Some Realistic AF Blogging Goals

Have you set some goals for your blog?

When you’re a newbie blogger it can be impossible to find focus because there are so many things to do.

Email lists, monetizing, traffic building, influencer outreach and every other effing thing the ‘experts’ are saying you neeeeeed to do to appease the blogging gods.

So stay motivated to blog by setting realistic goals that are right for YOU.

Here’s an excellent guide to choosing goals as a new blogger. Print it out, highlight your favorites and staple it to your face.  

Once you’ve picked a goal, let everything else slide until you’ve smashed that goal.

3 | Track Your Stats - and Stay Motivated to Blog

Get motivated to blog - a guide for new mommy bloggers

OK, so only 100 people visited your blog this month.

But, hey, that’s 100 more than last month.

When you start to track your stats month after month, you’ll see how much progress you’re making and that’ll help you feel better keeping going.

Track your page views, email subscribers, Pinterest views and followers and whatever else you want to track in a bullet journal, Google Doc, or a blog planner. (Or whatever works for you).

4 | Pick One Social Media Platform - and Break Up With The Rest

That’s right, pick one social media platform you love and stick to that until you get traction.

You’ll feel less burnt out, see more progress and actually enjoy this whole blogging thing more which guess what….makes you more motivated to stick with it.

So what’s your favorite social media platform?

For me it’s Pinterest - although I’ll occasionally enjoy a booty call with Instagram. (I can’t help myself, Instagram is sooooo pretty).

But you’ll never see me on Facebook - I don’t even have a Facebook page - because I just don’t love it. what you love and you’ll be motivated to keep doing it.

5 | Get a Blog Coach

Yeah, I know. This is a biggie. It’s pretty much the ‘nuclear’ option.

But if you’re really struggling, how about hiring a blog coach?

I hired a blog coach when I was just starting out and although it was expensive, it was totally worth it for me.


Check out my interview with some awesome mompreneur blog coaches here.

6 | Get an Accountability Buddy to Keep You Motivated to Blog

One awesome way to keep motivated to blog is to get an accountability buddy. Find out 19 ways to stay motivated to blog.

Don’t want to pay for a blog coach?

No problemo!

You could look for an accountability buddy in your favorite blogging Facebook group.

Or you could just be totally confident and reach out to another blogger who’s at your level - worth a shot, right?

You could email each other on a Monday, commit to some action steps for the week, and then check in with each other on Friday.

This is particularly good for people pleaser types.

7 | Make Friends With Other Bloggers

Blogging can be lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be - you have the world at your fingertips, technologically speaking.

So make some blogging friends. Other bloggers will understand your pain and help you celebrate your success.

Plus, they’ll be able to talk about things like bounce rate without their eyes glazing over - unlike non blogging family members!!

Making blogging friends is easier than making friends at High School. Here are a bunch of cool ways to make blogging friends without looking like a needy jerk.

8 | Join an Encouraging Community to Keep You Motivated to Blog

Taking part in a blogging community like a Facebook group is an awesome way to keep you motivated to blog.

Be sure to check in frequently and take part - don’t just be a dick and show up only on promo days.

Just remember not to get too sucked in - you don’t need to comment on every post!

An alternative to Facebook groups is a paid membership. I love Julia Day’s Independent Girls Collective,

9 | Make a Blogging Schedule

A simple blogging schedule will keep you on track, reduce overwhelm and help keep you motivated.

I generally stick to this schedule:

Monday: Write blog post
Tuesday: Format blog post and create images and multiple pins
Wednesday: Admin day - all those annoying business tasks
Thursday: Queue up Tailwind for the coming week
Friday: Create social media images and read and comment on other blogs
Saturday and Sunday is family time.

Obviously this schedule changes if I want to submit a guest post or create a freebie etc. But just having a loose schedule to stick to helps me to stay motivated to blog.

Have you made a blog schedule yet?

10 | Get Organized at Home

It's hard to get moitvated to blog when you're surrounded by chaos. Get organized at home to feel more motivated to blog.

Did you guess this one was coming?

Yes, when your home is organized and (kinda) clean and tidy, it’s much easier to get your brain into work mode.

Instead of sitting down to blog and then noticing those dirty dishes or thinking about cleaning the bathroom.

If you need to take control of your home, check out this ready made 30-day action plan.

If you need to declutter, check out these 198 things you can declutter without crying like an Oscar winner.

And if you need to get organized, here are 83 things you can organize during a commercial break without missing any Grey’s Anatomy.

11 | Remember That Showing Up Is A Large Part of Blogging Success

When I first started my blog, I followed along with some amazing bloggers, but when I look for them now….they’ve quit blogging. OK. So not ALL of them. But quite a few.

And I’m beginning to think that sticking in the blogging game is 33% of blogging success (yes, I plucked that % right out of my ass, but it sounds about right, don’t you think??)

I’m guessing that a lot of the most successful bloggers in my niche have been around for years - like since the dawn of the blogging age.

So bear in mind that by just showing up in a small way week after week, you’ll outlast thousands of other bloggers who won’t make it past 6 months.

12 | Celebrate Your Success Hard

So you got a comment on your latest blog post that wasn’t written a spammer promoting penis enlargement or beach front timeshares?

Now celebrate, for F’s sake!!

Crack open the wine box!! Shout it from the windows!! Wake up the kids….second thoughts, do NOT do that!

Celebrate your wins no matter how small and you’ll feel more motivated to carry on blogging.

13 | Create Different Types of Content

Can’t face writing yet another blog post?

So don’t.

Creating different kinds of content will help keep you interested, hone your other skills and attract new visitors.

So get creating: videos, podcasts, round-up post, infographic, long form blog post, micro blog post on Instagram, Facebook live.

Whatever gets you excited and out of your boredom rut.

14 | Take a Blogging Break

Yes, take a break.

Even if you just started your blog a few months ago, take a couple of weeks off and give yourself time to miss it.

During your blogging break you could prioritise sleep, try other things or just watch Netflix.

Give your blogging mind a break and see how you feel after a break.

15 | Get Organized for Blogging

Get motivated to blog: 19 easy ways to find motivation to blog

Yes, making some time to get organized for blogging CAN help you stay motivated. (Or is that just me??!!)

So declutter your Google Drive, create some folders, organize your blogging resources….this simple step alone is going to make you feel so much more motivated - and productive.

Invest in a blog planner - like Meera Kothand’s Create Planner  to help you make best use of your time.

And don’t forget to make a non-overwhelm-inducing business plan.

16 | Comment on Other Blogs In - and Out of - Your Niche

Some people are saying that commenting on other blogs is a great way to generate traffic to a new blog.

But it’s a also great way to get out of your own head and reconnect with why you started a blog in the first place.

So, go track down those blogs that inspired you to start a blog and see what they’re up to.

17 | Take a Course

If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau or just generally bored, why not take some time to upgrade your skills?

Just be sure to take a course that will benefit your stage of business.

Here are 19 FREE courses you can sign up for now
From design to writing and money mindset, you’re sure to find something that catches your creative eye.

If you’re thinking of investing in a course, check out this list of smart questions to ask before you hit ‘Buy Now’.

18 | What’s your Why?

Why did you even start a blog in the first place, mama?

Did it just seem like all the cool kids were doing it, so you just got swept along?

Or did you want to help people, make money to support your family, or find a creative outlet?

Think back to your blogging ‘why’.

BTW: It’s totally fine to realise that you don’t want to continue with your blog.

If blogging isn’t for you, don’t feel like you have to carry on doing it - blogging is supposed to be fun! Find something else that meets your ‘why’.

19 | Separate Family Time and Blogging Time

Top tips to find the motivation to blog

That’s right!

No checking on Facebook groups or Pinterest while you’re with family. Separating blog and family time will mean you’re more refreshed and ready to work when you do have time to blog.

If you’re constantly in ‘blogging’ mode, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed, burnt out and bored real soon.

How to Stay Motivated to Blog When You’re a New Mommy Blogger With Practically Zero Pageviews

Yes, blogging is tough.

And, yes, it can be a long time before you finally ‘get traction’.

So it’s normal to feel demotivated and pissed off from time to time. But if you’re committed to blogging, try a couple of these tips and see how you feel.

Let me know in the comments which tip you’re going to try.

Don’t forget to pin for later!

Get motivated to blog - a guide for new mommy bloggers who have zero pageviews.