Moms: 8 Lists to Make When You’re Overwhelmed (Organize Your Mom Life)

8 Helpful Lists to Make When You’re Too Overwhelmed to Start Getting Organized

‘Get Started today’

‘Start now’

‘Take action today’

Eugh! These are all great mantras.

But when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by motherhood and a top-to-bottom messy house, you can feel paralysed.

So paralysed that you can’t even take that first step towards getting organized.

If you can relate, this post is for you!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your messy house, mama? Start organizing your entire house by making these 8 lifesaving lists. Make a cup of coffee, grab a notebook and start organizing your mom life.

Because I have one easy first step for you to take that is going to make you feel more in control.

And that first step is simply grabbing a notebook and making 8 lists.

No catch. Nothing complicated. Simple as that.

Best of all you can do it from the squishy comfort of your couch!!

8 Lists to Make You A More Organized Mom

8 Lists to make you a more organized mom. Get started organizing, decluttering, and cleaning your messy house with these 8 helpful lists to make. So easy and so helpful!

So grab a notebook, bullet journal or open up favorite note making app and start writing these 8 lists.

Get everything out of your head and onto paper.

And I need to emphasise that these 8 lists are ‘living’ lists.

You can add to them, tick things off, or start again whenever you like. But you’ll never actually ‘finish’ making the lists. Because life is always changing, right?

And staying organized is a journey, not a destination.

1. Brain Dump

If it’s currently swirling around in your mind, waking you up in the middle of the night or stressing you out, write it down.

I highly recommend setting a timer for 10-20 minutes - depending on how extensive a brain dump you need to do. If this is your first time writing a brain dump for a while, you’ll need to give yourself more time.

Remember: Don’t edit, censor or reflect on it. Just write.

We’ll deal with what comes out of your brain dump next.

2. Shit I Need to do NOW List

OK, so you’ve got your braindump. Now let’s start to process it.

Grab a highlighter or different colored pen and highlight all the tasks that NEED to be done urgently.

These tasks might include: paying a bill, renewing insurance, an essential home maintenance task, buying a birthday present for a loved one.

Warning: urgent tasks are defined as tasks that you need to do to avoid financial, legal, health or social penalties (you didn’t get your mother- in-law a birthday card!! What kind of monster are you??)

Urgent tasks are not things like  paint the home office, clean window tracks or organize 11 years of family photos. That shit is nice or important or helpful to do. It’s not URGENT.

(Imagine me saying that last bit to you in a menacing, Italian gangster movie kinda way because that it’s that freaking’ vital, capisce??)

So, do you have a list of legit urgent shit to do?


Staple that list to your kitchen cupboard, your bathroom mirror, or your face. Those are your priorities, right there.

Urgent tasks are not things like  paint the home office, clean window tracks or organize 11 years of family photos.

That shit is nice or important or helpful to do. It’s not URGENT.

3. List of Easy Meals Your Family Loves

When you’re overwhelmed, one thing guaranteed to make you feel worse is wondering, ‘what’s for dinner?’

But having a simple list of meals you can cook easily and quickly is a lifesaver when motherhood and life in general is kicking your sweet ass.

Extra points if you add meals that can be made only using store cupboard items!

(Pssst, don’t forget to add take out, breakfast for dinner, pizza, and soup to this list of meals!)

4. Master List of Important Renewal Dates

You’re going to feel like such an adult when you make this list, I promise.

You should include all types of insurance you have, such as home, vehicle, medical, and life. And expenses like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

If you have a blog don’t forget to include your hosting and domain renewal dates. Plus any schedulers you use like Tailwind.

Even if you’ve automated payments from your bank account, make a note of the date so you aren’t surprised next time a big chunk of cash is taken.

5. Things That Annoy You About Your Home

8 Lists to make you a more organized mom. Get started organizing, decluttering, and cleaning your messy house with these 8 helpful lists to make. So easy and so helpful!

I’m talking about all those things you need to organize and declutter in your home.

  • That pile of shoes in the hallway you keep falling over.
    That overstuffed junk drawer.

  • All those school papers cluttering up the kitchen counters.

  • The fact you can never NEVER find your keys.

All those things that damage your calm and threaten to turn you, once and for all, into momzilla.

If you feel like you need to organize your entire house, it can be tough to know where to get started. So why not start with that shit that annoys you the most? Deal with those things and you’ll feel calmer and happier in your home.

So make your list.

(And this is definitely one you’ll want to keep adding to as you go through your day.)

For more help making a master organizing list for your home, check out this helpful post.

6. Passwords

Hands up if you’ve given up trying to remember passwords for your online accounts and just rely on the ‘Forgot Password’ button to reset your password every damn time?


Consider making a list of any passwords you can remember now and keep adding to this list when you sign up or change your other passwords.

It won’t change your life. But a password list might make life easier.

For the sake of security, I keep a book of password reminders - not the actual password but a cryptic reminder of what my passwords are. Sneaky, that’s me!

(Just remember to be really careful where you store this list!!)

7. Cleaning Routine

Is that a cobweb?

Are we all gonna get botulism?

No! You don’t have to be a domestic goddess.

But a clean and sanitary home is going to make you feel so much better.

And you CAN have a clean-ish home even if you have kids.

The secret?

A simple as toast cleaning routine.

Check out this helpful post on how to create a cleaning routine you can stick to.

8. Birthdays and Gift List

Kids, husband, parents, siblings, inlaws, other family members, friends and whoever else.

Write down a list of important birthdays and keep a running list of gift ideas.

This way you'll never get stressed out wondering what to buy that difficult to buy for person in your life.  

Are we loving lists yet?

If you’re in the list-making zone, here are some more lists to make when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Pick a few that’ll be helpful and leave the rest - this is meant to make you feel better. Not overwhelm you more.

More Lists To Help You Organize Your Entire Mom Life

8 Lists to make you a more organized mom. Get started organizing, decluttering, and cleaning your messy house with these 8 helpful lists to make. So easy and so helpful!

9. Your goals, dreams and personal bucket list

10. Seasonal bucket lists for your family

11. Family traditions you currently have or hope to try

12. Books you want to read for yourself

13. Books you want to read to or share with your children

13. Movies and boxsets to watch

14. Movies and boxsets to watch with your children

16. Christmas gift ideas

17. Christmas card list and addresses

18. List of monthly outgoings and bills to pay

19. List of groceries and items you buy weekly so you can compare prices and know when you’re getting a good deal

20. Favorite outfits for different occasions for when you’re having a ‘I’ve got nothing to wear moment’.

22. Seasonal home maintenance list

23. Morning routine

24. Evening routine

25. Courses and skills to learn

26. Favorite local charities that collect donations. When you want to declutter, you’ll know exactly where to send your unwanted items.

27. Hobbies you’d like to try

28. List of your achievements, jobs, qualifications - helpful for when you’re looking for your next job

29. Favorite Bible passages

30. Favorite quotes

31. Clothes wish list

32. Favorite memories about your kids, husband and your childhood

33. Emergency contact numbers

34. Clothes sizes for the family - in case you spot a bargain!

35. Free things to do in your area - is it the school holidays again??

36. Recipes to try

37. Master packing list

Lists to Help You Organize Your Entire Life

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or wondering where to start getting organized, making these lists will be a momentous first step - even if it feels like a baby step.

Just the simple act of getting everything out of your head and onto paper will free up mental space and help you sleep better.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a notebook and start writing, mama!

Don’t forget to pin for later.

8 Lists to make when you're overwhelmed by your mom life. Decluttering, organizing, cleaning, there's a lot to do to manage a home. And you're already sleep deprived. So start easy by making these 8 helpful lists.