Too Scared to Blog? 4 Super Normal Blogging Fears & How I Kinda Overcame Them

Have you started that blog yet, mama?

I get it.

You’d like to get your ideas out there but there’s something holding you back: fear.

Yes, ‘fear’ and his douche-y wing-man ‘anxiety’ keep giving you all kinds of reasons not to start that blog.

But what if you could get past all those fears?

And how good would it feel to finally give birth to your blog idea?

How to overcome fears about starting a blog. Launching a blog can be scary. And I struggled with fears about blogging for months. Here are 4 common blogging fears and how I kinda overcame them.

Look, I’m not saying there aren’t hurdles to starting your blog.

But I am saying that irrational fears can be whipped, spanked and ball-gagged into submission.

And I should know. It took me almost 18 months of epic fear-based procrastination before I decided to butch-up and publish my blog.

So if you’re struggling, I’m sharing 4 fears I had about starting a blog and how I kinda smashed them.

Grab your safety blanket, pause your Netflix binge, and get ready to butch up, mama!

This is the first of a 2-part blog series on blogging fears and how to overcome them. Look out for part two coming soon.

4 Fears Mommy Bloggers Face

1 | I Don’t Have Time to Blog

You don’t have time to shower, let alone format a blog post.

And won’t your family time suffer if you’re busy queuing up Tailwind every month?

Yep, the ‘I don’t have time’ fear is a good one.

And honestly you could spend all day, every day working on your blog and still have a to-do list as long as your arm by bedtime.

So, better not to start, right?

Don’t shelve your dreams yet, mama.

There are two things I did to make time to blog:

  • Save time on soul sucking household chores to free up time for a new blog

  • Maximise the time I do have to work on your blog

Save Time on Soul Sucking Tasks -
When I took an honest look at my schedule, I noticed so many places where I could automate, streamline and generally maximise my productivity on household tasks.

Now I’m able to dedicate about 3 hours a day to blog tasks and client work.

And I recently saved a dear friend of mine over 5 hours a week. Yes, it is possible!

Take an honest look at your schedule and see where you can automate, streamline or delegate household chores.

Get creative!

Maximise the Time You Do Have to Work on Your Blog - As a new blogger, it’s tempting to want to do everything and be everywhere.

But that’s not possible. (My almost abandoned Instagram account is evidence of that).

Figure out how much time you can dedicate to your blog and prioritise your most important tasks. For me that’s content creation, building an email list, Pinterest management and blogger outreach.

Everything else will just have to wait.  

Here’s an unmissable guide to time management for mommy bloggers - print it out, read it and then staple it to your face. It’s that good.

2 | I Have Zero - Actual Freakin’ ZERO!! - Tech Skills (And I’m Too Tired to Learn)

If you don’t know your domain from your hosting, should you really be blogging?

When I first got the idea to start a blog, I had a Facebook account and that was the extent of my technical expertise. I was literally clueless - minus the preppy jackets and socks.

But the truth is once you give it a go the tech isn’t that hard and it’s all learn-able.

I was terrified of the tech, so I chose Squarespace, because:

  • You get your domain and your hosting and your website template all in one place.

  • It’s practically impossible to build an ugly Squarespace site.

  • Squarespace has the best customer service ever. Just email them your questions or use the interactive chat feature and relax.

I might one day get around to figuring out WordPress but I know Squarespace is always there for me.

Start a Blog - Wordpress tutorial

Try a Squarespace blog - it’s easy and free!

Give it a go, mama!

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3 | Aren’t There Already Twelve-ty Hundred Million Bloggers?

Yes, there probably are.

And I worried about this a LOT.

But you know what?

It doesn’t matter.

You have two choices here:

  1. Niche Down OR

  2. Join a crowded niche and stop worrying about it

Niche Down - When I first started blogging, I noticed that there were lots of organizing blogs.

And I really worried about whether there was space for one more.

So I decided to narrow down more and help mompreneurs who were struggling to combine business life with home life.

And you could niche down too. Just combine your passions and see what pops out.

Join a Crowded Niche -
A crowded niche is at least a sign that it’s a lucrative niche!

But be sure to figure out what makes your blog unique.

Here are some stupendous resources to help you do that:

And it really works…..

...There are lots of mommies blogging about blogging, but I only read a handful of them consistently.

Because I love their writing, their personalities, and their helpful, easy-to-tackle advice.

And the point is, you’ll find your audience if you’re consistent about creating quality content and careful to listen to your what your readers tell you.

One more thing - the most successful bloggers have been around for a few years while lots of others blogs came and went.

(I’m beginning to wonder if half the secret to blogging success is simply staying the course!)

4 | What if Someone Says Something Mean? I’ll Melt into a Puddle of Tears!

You pour your heart into a blog post or a design.

And someone comes along and basically craps all over it.

That’s gotta hurt.

Why would you set yourself up for that?

Are you a masochist?

What’s wrong with you?????

Yes, people can be mean. And yes, I worry about this a lot.

Every time I get a notification about a new blog comment my heart starts to pound and I have a mini panic attack - is this going to be a shitty comment? I wonder.

But, if you blog, you’ll probably get a mean comment or two eventually - it just seems to be part of the job. But that’s true of most jobs in a way.

Even as a teacher I faced a regular barrage of swearing, name calling and general abuse. And that was just from the parents! (I’m not even joking)

If this is an issue that’s putting you off blogging, try to plan how you’ll deal with mean comments on your blog or social media.

Will you delete them?

Will you report them?

Will you answer them?

Will you see if you can learn from them? (It might be valid criticism after all!)

Have a plan and above all remember to stay classy.

Here’s a helpful post about different types of negative comments and how to handle them.

How I Deal With Blogging Fears - Every Damn Day!

Starting a blog can be scary.

Even when you’re riding high, fear can suddenly pop up to ruin your day.

And I struggle with fear on a daily basis.

And back in summer 2018 I joined a program run by Emma Bates.

It’s actually an amazing goal setting course for mompreneurs who want to set and smash realistic goals for their business (costs $99 currently).

(NOT an affiliate link. Just sharing what I love).

But it also helps you think about your mindset and the fears that are holding you back.

And honestly, this blog wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Emma’s course and Facebook group.

You can set a new goal every month so this is a course that is going to keep on giving!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check it out here.

Too Scared to Blog - How to Overcome Blogging Fears

I haven’t ‘got over’ my blogging fears.

I deal with them every day.

And no matter how many times you read ‘Just do it!’, or ‘Smash the fear’, if you’re the kind of person who is anxious and worries a lot, it’s just not that easy to ‘get over it’.

So try to tackle one fear at a time. Set small goals. Celebrate your wins. Join a like-minded community and be honest about your fears.

Don’t forget to pin for later.

Good luck, mama.

You’ve got this!