September is the New January! How to Use Back-to-School Season to Tick Off Those New Year's Resolutions


Where is this year going to?

One minute we're loosening our belts to squeeze in just one more Christmas treat. Next minute we're digging out sandals for our summer va-cay.

Clearly, we’re a long way away past New Year’s Resolution season - but, with fresh uniforms, fresh notebooks and fresh hopes, there’s a newness to this season that makes it a perfect time to make some small, but important, changes.

And I do mean small changes. You don’t have to do everything, but there’s still time to make 2018 your bitch.

back to school season may be nearly here but there's still plenty of time to tick off those New Year's Resolutions. In fact, this is the perfect time of year to make some small changes. So whether you want to read more, eat healthier, declutter and finally 'get organized' here are some helpful suggestions to get you started. Mommy New Year!

Why Back To School Season is Actually Mommy New Year?

When it comes to fresh starts, I’ve always preferred back to school season over January 1st.

As a child that feeling of moving up a grade made this time of year feel far more vibrant. Who couldn’t be inspired to take on a challenge and get ‘er done?


The weather is better - never underestimate how psychologically important not freezing your tits off is to the completion of goals.


The social pressure is different - not everyone is posting on social media about their new year’s resolutions. In September you don’t have to read on Facebook how kid-free, lycra-clad ‘Susan’ is turning vegan and reading 108 books this year’. Fuck off Susan!

And, not forgetting…

You aren’t still trying to eat your way out of a mountain of Christmas leftovers.


There’s just a few months to make yourself proud about what have you made of 2018 - instead of sobbing into your Prosecco on New year’s Eve about what might have been.So it's time to start panicking!

Are you convinced yet that back to school season is the right time to make some small but important changes to your life?

If you are, quick, read on!


What New Year’s Resolutions Should I Focus on?

Let's be honest - we pretty much make the same New year's Resolutions year after year, right?

And - usually - we don't manage to make any actual changes. 

But not this year - awwwww, hell no!

This year will be different.

Let’s see how we can make 2018 different!

Get Organized

In the aftermath of frantic Christmas preparations, it’s easy to see why ‘get organized’ is so popular as a New Year’s Resolution.

But what the heck does ‘get organized’ mean anyway?

If you’re ready for a challenge...

Before we can ‘get organized’ we need to pin down exactly what’s getting our knickers in a twist. So click here to discover a simple way to figure out where to get started getting organized.

If you’re looking to start easy...

Find out how you can get organized during commercial breaks. That’s right, here are 83 bite-sized organizing tasks you can weave into your day. Enjoy!

Get Fit

Another classic!

But what the hell does this one mean anyway?

To my husband it means ‘train like a Spartan for upcoming Iron Man Triathlon’.

For me it means get through 7 minutes of a Jillian Michaels’ exercise DVD without fainting and/or sweating to death.

Everyone is different.

So if you want to tick this one off your list have a quick think about what getting fit means to you and most importantly, how much time and energy you have to devote to this change.

And then make one small change for 30 days. You can make another small change next month, but for now stick to one small change.



There’s nothing like the unrestrained consumerism of Christmas to get us in the decluttering mood.

Unfortunately, the ‘let’s eat just one more of those delicious Christmas treats’ vibe we’re all feeling around the holidays makes decluttering feel impossible. (And look, ‘Elf’ just started, put down those trash bags and grab a spot on the sofa!!)

If you’re ready for a challenge, check out these 5 different ways to declutter and how to pick one that’s right for you. 

If you want to pop your decluttering cherry gently, check out this list of 198 things you can declutter easily. 


Read More

If that mountain of unopened books on your nightstand is starting to look wobbly and dangerous, this one is for you.

You aren’t going to achieve anything unless you make it a priority. And reading is no different.

So challenge yourself to read a certain number of pages everyday and plan when you’ll read everyday.

One tool I find helpful for this is Goodreads.

Every year, I sign up for the Goodreads annual reading challenge. You decide how many books you’re going to challenge yourself to read that year and tick off each book as you finish it. I picked an easy - realistic - number of books at the start of 2018, but you can start whenever you like.

Check out my Pinterest board of mom books for inspiration,


Organize That One Room That’s Been Annoying You for Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages

Thinking about organizing a whole room from top to bottom can be overwhelming in a pass-me-the-vino kinda way.

But actually once you have a clear plan, it’s far more do-able than you think. Yes, even if you have no babysitter, no energy and no organizing mojo.

Check out this helpful post on how to plan a huge-ass organizing project and dedicate 10 minutes every day for a month to getting it done.


Learn Something New

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the routine of motherhood.

So why not tackle this popular new year’s resolution and learn something new.

You could start by making a bucket list of stuff you’d like to learn and see what pops up.

You could:

  • Learn to cook something new

  • Learn a language

  • Learn how to grow your own food

  • Learn how to use that fancy-ass DSLR camera you got for Christmas

  • Learn how to create something beautiful - check out A Beautiful Mess for bucket loads of bucket list inspiration

  • Learn about different legit ways to make money at home


Ditch the Yoga Pants - from time to time

If you don’t spend a large part of your week either in yoga pants or wishing you were in yoga pants...are you even a mother?

But as comfy pants are, it’s nice to wear ‘proper’ clothes..

I bought the 2018 Ultimate Homemakers’ Bundle and one of the bonuses was a style challenge by Allison at Get Your Pretty On

Basically you assemble items of clothes from a shopping list and Allison shows you how to make no end of cute outfits, so you don’t have to look like a slob when you do the school run.

Let me be clear - in past times, Allison would probably have been burnt for being a witch. Because how she puts together such pretty outfits is nothing short of supernatural. 

If you’re not feeling style challenge ready, check out Putting Me Together for more mom-friendly sartorial magic. 

If you’re on a budget - or don’t want to add to closet clutter - check out this helpful post on how to make the most of the clothes you already have. You'll be the most stylish mom on the school run. 


Start a Blog  

Have you ever thought of starting a blog?

Yes, I know. It feels like everyone is blogging these days. And I can see why! Here are just some of the reasons blogging is perfect for moms:

  • You can blog in your underwear - if you want to.

  • You get to talk to other adult human beings about something other than poop and sleep.

  • You get to be creative.

  • You learn lots of new skills - and dust off old ones.

  • You can make money with blogging!!

  • You can fit blogging in around being a mom

  • Did I mention you can blog in your underwear?

But let's be real, blogging comes with a learning curve that’s fudgin’ vertical.

So I’ve rounded up 11 resources that will help you launch your blog in double quick time - no more spending weeks picking a font!! Click HERE to read it now.


How to Make the Most of 2018

Yes, making changes to our lives it hard.

So I recommend starting with one small change and sticking to it for 30 days. Use a bullet journal or a dry erase board or something to help you tick off each day. And then see how you feel after 30 days.


If you’d like an even more organized system, try the SELF Journal - set 90 day goals, break them down into small action steps and check in with your progress daily.

The Self Journal can work out a bit pricey - as it will only last you 3 months - but it’s got phenomenal reviews. I’ve just started using one and plan to write a review in a couple of months - stick around to see how I did!

It’s Not Too Late to Make 2018 Your Biatch

Pretty sassy sub-heading, right?

But it’s 100% true - whatever New Year’s Resolution you’ve left undone since January, there’s still time to start work on it.

There’s still time to make yourself proud of 2018.

And there’s still time to show your kids that dedication and determination lead to kick-ass results.

Don’t forget to pin for later.

Let me know in the comments what New Year’s Resolution you set year after year - without ever crossing it off as ‘done’.

And what you plan to do about that!

You got this, mama!


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