17 Signs You Need to Get Organized - (And Where to Actually Start Getting Organized)

OK, so we can’t all be Martha Stewart.

But we all know that being organized makes life easier - and hella less stressful.

And I’m not talking about color coded bookcases or artistically arranged Oreos.


I’m talking about basic organizing that gets us through the day with our sanity - mostly - intact.

But how do you know if you should prioritise organizing - when there’s so much else to do in life?

17 Signs you need to get organized and where to actually start getting organized.

Well, here’s a quick quiz for you.

AND I’ve included a prescription for where you are now on your organizing journey.

So, park the kids in front of Netflix. Grab a drink and let’s do this!

1 | You Don’t Budget

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

Holy Financial Chaos, Batman!

Seriously, mama, you need to budget.

You’ll find life a lot less stressful if you create a simple budget.

Here’s a helpful blog post with 10 diamond-encrusted budgeting tips you can’t miss

2 | You Don’t Meal Plan

OK, before you start throwing things at me, let me explain.

Lots of people don’t meal plan and do just fine.

But if you’re stressing out every dinner time then it’s time to make a meal plan.  

And I have a quick and easy meal planning solution for you.

Check out my simple meal planning system for moms who keep failing at meal planning.

You can thank me in chocolate later.

3 | You *Rarely* Put Laundry Away

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

Congrats for getting the laundry done - I mean that seriously!

But if you never find time to put it away and just take clothes off your  ‘floor-drobe’ it’s a huge red flag that you need to get organized.

‘Floor-drobe’ - floor + wardrobe. (I’m a bloody genius!)

4 | You’re Always Losing Stuff

And I’m not just talking about the usual stuff - watch or car keys.

I’m talking about losing random shit - that one ‘good’ bra, that important paperwork, your toothbrush!!

BTW - If you ‘lost’ your bra because you were at some kind of ‘adult party’, then kudos to you.

But if you lost your bra in some kind of laundry fuck-up, you need to organize.

Like, yesterday!

5 | You Don’t Own a Diary, Planner or Calendar

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

(And you definitely aren’t using one on your phone.)

Seriously - are you a masochist or something?

Trying to store appointments in your head or on an avalanche of Post-it notes is just too stressful.

Stop now and go buy a diary.

6 | You Regularly Pay Bills Late


Late fees suck.

This is where being organized can legit save you money - and your credit score.

Either automate your bills or set reminders on your phone.

7 | You Miss Appointments

Either you forget all about appointments.

Or you remember right at the last minute and have to pretend you can’t attend because you were suddenly struck down by some terrible, mystery illness.

See #5 above and go buy a diary.

8 | Every Surface in Your Home is Filled With Some Kind of Clutter

I’m NOT a minimalist.

But, mama, a house has to breathe.

And too much clutter is going to make it feel like the walls are closing in on you.

Do yourself a favor and get some decluttering done. Here are some helpful resources to help you get started.

Pick one that works for you

* 198 Things to Declutter without Shedding a Tear - if you’re looking for some quick wins
* How to declutter without wanting to burn down your home - helpful tips for getting and staying decluttered
* 5 Different Decluttering Methods and how to pick one that works for you - if you’re as serious as a colonoscopy about decluttering.

Want to Start Decluttering -
But Don’t know where to start?

Click to download your free Quick Start Decluttering Guide - no email required. Instant download.

Quick start guide to decluttering - click to download instantly.

9 | Everywhere you Turn There’s a Pile of Paperwork

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

Eugh - paper!

My children bring home at least half a tree’s worth of paper from school every GD week!

It’s a constant battle.

But you gotta keep fighting it, mama.

Here’s an excellent challenge to get your paperwork organized

10 | You Often Buy Duplicates Because You Forget You Have Something - Or Can’t Find It

Whether it’s one MORE jar of pasta sauce or one MORE cute green sweater, buying duplicates because you forgot you had one, is a major red flag.

And more specifically, it’s a sign that you probably need to start with some decluttering.

Here’s a helpful post to get you started

198 things you can get rid of without shedding a tear

11 | You Feel Stressed and Anxious When You’re at Home

And I don’t mean because your husband left towels on the bathroom floor AGAIN or because your kid decided to redecorate their room with crayola scribbles.

I’m talking about an almost constant sense of ‘I’d rather be somewhere else’.

Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, an oasis, a happy place.

If you feel as miserable as shit at home, it’s time to make a change.

Here’s a 30-day action plan to get organized when *everything* needs organizing.

Or start small with this list of small organizing projects you can finish during commercial breaks.

12 | You Blame Your Family For The Mess

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

Maybe you’re the organized one but your kids and your husband sabotage all your organizing efforts.

Don’t call the divorce lawyer yet.

Check out these helpful posts

* Messy husband? Don’t run off with the postman until you read this post.
* How to get your kids to tidy their bedrooms

13 | You Have NO Cleaning Schedule

AND your home feels (and looks) dirty.

Again, lots of people manage fine without a cleaning schedule.

But if you’re struggling to keep on top of daily chores and basic cleaning - bugger the window tracks, who has time to clean them??? - it’s time to get organized.

Drop everything and head over to Clean Mama.

She posts simple and quick cleaning schedules on her blog every month along with daily reminders on Instagram.

It’s a ‘done for you’ cleaning schedule, that might get your head above water so you can start to tackle other things.

14 | You keep Googling ‘how to get organized’ and Have Multiple Pinterest Boards on ‘organizing

This is a real sign that you WANT to do something, but feel blocked.

Usually because we don’t know where to start.

So here’s a simple process you can use to help you decide where to start organizing. It’s by far my most popular post and it works!!

Don’t hesitate, check it out now.

15 | You Open your Kitchen Cupboards or Pantry and There’s Literally NO Attempt at Organizing

Go on.

Go open your kitchen cupboards or take a peek inside your pantry.

How does it look?

After talking to lots and lots of moms, I’ve discovered that the pantry is usually a good benchmark of how organized the rest of the house is.

And that’s because we use our pantries daily.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to organizing your pantry.

16 | Your Car Looks Like the Inside of a Garbage Truck

OK, I know we’re all moms here.

But seriously, if you feel like you need to don a hazmat suit just to do the school run, it might be time to take 15 minutes to sort that shit out.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and do what you can.

When the timer runs out, walk away.

We’re only aiming for progress here. Not perfection.

17 | You Think Self Care is Something Other Moms Do

Do you need to get organized? Here are 17 signs that you need to make 'getting organized' a priority.

No. Self care is for you too.

It’s not about manicures or bubble baths.

It’s about basic things like getting enough sleep at least one night a week. And not eating Nutella from a jar every time you get snacky.

We’re all short on time, so check out this list of 68 ways to take care of yourself in 5 minutes.

You do have 5 fucking minutes in your day, mama. Don’t tell me that you don’t.

Do You Need to Get Organized?

OK, so how did you do, mama?

And if you realised that you need to get organized, where are you supposed to start?

I would suggest starting with the top 3:

  1. Create a budget,

  2. make a meal plan,

  3. Organize a simple laundry system that you can stick to.

I’m suggesting you start with ONE of these because everyone has to eat, pay bills and have clean clothes.

If you’re still not sure where to start - check out these personalised prescriptions below for getting started no matter where you are.

Good luck, mama!!

Personalised Prescriptions to Tame Your Home (No Matter Where You Are Right Now)

Just for fun, I’ve created some personalised prescriptions to help you start getting organized - no matter what point you’re starting from.

Pick the one that’s closest to you and your situation.

Or drop me a message in the comments and let me know what you’re struggling with.

I’d be happy to create a personalised prescription just for you!

Elle - Ready to Play Hell!!


Everything is a crazy mess.
But I’m ready to take major action to tame this shit. Bring it on!

Check out this 30-Day Action Plan to whip, spank and generally ball-gag your house into submission.

Tired Tina


I need to start getting organized but I’m so busy and tired!

What’s the easiest thing I can do?

Check out these 83 quick organizing projects you can start and finish during a commercial break.

Dana - Ready to Declutter

Where did all this stuff come from?
I need to do some decluttering - but where do I even start?

I got your back, mama! Here’s 198 things you can declutter easily without shedding a tear.

Organized Olive


I used to be an organized person - then I had kids!! How do I get and STAY organized?

You need some systems in your life!! Check out my 9 favorite organizing systems that’ll keep your home and your life super organized.

17 Signs You Need to Get Organized

So there you have it!

17 tell tale signs that you need to make organizing a priority.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Over to you - what are you struggling with right now, mama?

Let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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17 Signs you need to get organized and where to actually start getting organized.