12 Things To Do At The Start Of The Month - Organize Your Mom Life

Get Your Mom Life Organized With a Monthly Reset.

Do you love the first day of a new month?

Or maybe you feel a slight twinge of panic as yet another month zooms by?

Or maybe you don’t even notice - same shit, different day, right?

This weekend I was happily planning out the coming month - cuddled up in the comfy chair with my cup of tea, blanket and big jumper (because English weather both sucks and blows).

And I realised that I’ve never shared about my monthly planning process on the blog.

So if you’d like to get more organized, point your eye balls at the post below.

Here are 12 things to do at the start of the month to make the rest of the month as easy as eating a whole jar of chocolate spread.

Quick, read on!!

Do you want to get your mom life more organized? Here are 12 simple things you can do at the start of the month to make live simpler, easier and less stressful.

Why You Should Plan Your Month - Even If You Have 67 Other Things You SHOULD Be Doing Right NOW

Even though it feels like today has already lasted 50 hours, you know the week, month and year are going to fly by!!

So a monthly reset is a time to press pause, sort out any outstanding issues, and prepare for the craziness of the month ahead.

And a monthly reset is perfect for moms who struggle with organization. Because staying organized is easier than getting organized.

Now, you might look at the list below and think, ‘Ain’t no one got time for that!’

But honestly, once you make monthly planning a regular thing, it’s gets quicker and easier - because you’re more organized!

So I’d wholeheartedly suggest taking time to do 1 or 2 things from this list today (even if it’s not the first day of a new month).

And then adding on another 1 or 2 things next month. Starting small and building up gives you the best chance of success.

How to Plan Your Month
(So You Can Sit Back and Enjoy
the Next 4 Weeks Mom-Style)

1 | Review and Set Your Budget for the Month

12 Things to do at the start of the month to get your mom life organized.

Eugh - I know.

A budget is obviously the pap test-equivalent of home management: Every mama needs one, but no one actually enjoys doing it.

If you’re not used to budgeting, I’d start this one off real small.

Simple beginner budgeting steps might include:

  • Check your accounts regularly - daily is not too often!

  • Make a list of  outgoings and bills you pay regularly,

  • Find somewhere to track how much you’re spending on groceries,

  • Create a spending journal and write down every time you buy something,

  • Decide how much you’re going to spend on ‘family fun’ time for the month,

  • Browse Pinterest for some interesting blog posts on budgeting and get inspired,

  • Having a meeting with your husband to decide some financial goals.

    Whatever you decide to do, remember small steps are the ones most likely to stick.

2 | Write a Meal Plan for the Month

12 Things to do at the start of the month to get your mom life organized.

That’s right!

Write a meal plan for the whole bloody month!!!

I used to meal plan every week. But to be honest, meal planning is the home management task I hate the most. Actually, I really hate cooking too.

But just doing meal planning once a month makes things so much easier.

You don’t have to make it rigid. You could just pick out 15 or so dishes you fancy eating and then rotate them through the month.

If you’d like to get into meal planning, take a look at this guide on meal planning for moms who don’t even have time to brush their teeth.

Once you’ve done this for a few months, you’ll have a whole bank of recipes and meal plans to recycle. (I feel like I should be doing an ‘evil genius’ laugh right here.)

3 | Set Some Goals

Hey, do you remember those new year’s resolutions you set?

Well, you still have time to tick them off before the end of the year!

My monthly goal setting routine is so embarrassingly simple.

I need to do a whole blog post on this but basically when I do is take a look at my longer term goals.

And then I think about the smallest, most teeny- tiny 10-20 things I can do to take me closer to achieving that goal. I write a list on *literally* a scrap bit of paper and stick it to the kitchen cabinet.

If I don’t manage to do them all by the end of the month, I just roll them over to the next month.

Every morning when I make my tea (#yes_I’m_English), I take a look at the list and see what I can do that day.

No, it’s not fancy. But it’s not going to overwhelm you. Oh, and yes, it works!!

Is your whole house a huge mess?

If you’re looking to organize your messy house, take a look at this 30-day ‘take back your home’ action plan. It’s perfect for moms who love sleep!

4 | Deal with Paper Clutter

You know all those papers piled on the kitchen table and counters?

Now’s the time to deal with them.

Collect any and ALL stray papers and deal with them NOW.

And this step might actually take you hours or even days.

But do you remember at the start of this post where I said these monthly tasks get easier the more you do them? Well, this is definitely one of those tasks.

Once you’ve dealt with all that paper, find a box, file or other container to use as your ‘Inbox’.

Put it somewhere visible and stick all your incoming paper in there. You can go through it monthly or weekly or daily - whatever suits you.

Honestly, mama, if you don’t make some plans now, the month will be over before you can say,
‘I’m in the bathroom!!!’

5. Write Out Birthday Cards

Grab your diary and see if you have to send any birthday cards this month.

Obviously this is much easier if you’ve already filled in everyone’s birthday into your planner or got one master list of birthdays - if you don’t, that might be your task for this month!

Now write out those birthday cards - or add ‘birthday cards’ to your shopping list.

I like to write out all my birthday cards for the month and then stick a sticky note on the envelope with a postage date - so I don’t send it too early or too late!

6 | Get to The Bottom of Your Laundry Hamper

12 Things to do at the start of the month to get your mom life organized.

When was the last time you saw the bottom of your laundry hamper?

If it was recently, you can skip this section. If not go sort all your laundry into appropriate piles and get the washer going...STAT!

I’m pretty good with laundry, but I still end up with random items languishing at the bottom of our laundry hamper. So I always include this step in my monthly reset.

What’s lurking at the bottom of your laundry hamper, mama!

7 | Clear Your Fridge Out

If you’re good at fridge organization, move straight on to step 8!

But how good would it feel to open the fridge and see fresh food filling clean shelves? Where you don’t have to reach past the limp broccoli to get to the ‘probably still OK to eat’ sausages?

So if you’re still reading, here’s what you do….Go to your fridge and throw away anything that’s too old to eat. Anything that’s ‘on the turn’, use up today or tomorrow.

When you’ve got a fairly empty fridge - relatively speaking - give it a quick clean out. Done.

Don’t go all perfectionist on me here.

You’re only aiming for about a 10% improvement.

How good would it feel to open the fridge and see fresh food filling clean shelves?

A fridge where you don’t have to reach past the limp broccoli to get to the ‘probably still OK to eat’ sausages?

8. Declutter (a bit)

12 Things to do at the start of the month to get your mom life organized.

Decluttering is easier if you don’t wait until you’re about to be featured on Hoarders.

Even if you don’t think you need to declutter, why not have a little look around your home?

Often, I find that we get ‘clutter blind’ and we don’t see the shit we should be throwing out until we look with fresh eyes - or until we trip over that shit.

Start easy by checking out this list of 198 things you can throw away without going on a sob fest. 

9. Update Your Calendar and Planner

Got any events coming up that you need to add to your planner or calendar?

Do it now.

If you don’t have a planner or calendar, now might be the time to get one.

There are lots calendar printables available for free on Pinterest - just download, print and stick on your fridge.

10. Schedule Some Family Fun

12 Things to do at the start of the month to get your mom life organized.

I know, I’m so spontaneous, right?

But honestly, mama, if you don’t make some plans now, the month will be over before you can say ‘I’m in the bathroom!!!’

You don’t have to spend money. Just check out what’s available in your local area for free or check out Pinterest for some fun activities to do at home.

It might be a games night, movie night or something more adventurous.

Don’t forget to take millions of photos - kids grow up so fast!!

11. Organize Your Photos

And talking of photos, let’s organize them, too!

If you’re not in the habit of organizing your photos, don’t feel like you suddenly have to organize the 9 million photos you have on your camera roll immediately.

Just for now organize the ones you took in the past month.

File them somewhere safe, get them printed out, create some fun photo books. Whatever works for you.

And then keep on top of it every month.

12. Email Inbox Zero


This one might be another major job if you’re doing it for the first time. But don’t let it stress you out. Just create a bunch of folders and get the emails organized.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to unsubscribe to any newletters you aren’t 100% thrilled about receiving.

Again, once you get used to doing this every month, it’ll get easier and easier. You organzing genius, you!!!

12 Things to Do at the Start of Every Month to Stay Super Organized

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

I can’t emphasise this enough: once you start doing this monthly planning lark, it’ll get easier and quicker to fly through these tasks.

And if you’re not used to monthly organizing, try starting with one or two tasks this month and adding on a few more tasks next month.

The more consistent you are with getting and staying organized, the easier it will get.

You got this, mama!

Don’t forget to pin for later!!

Getting organized is tough. But mama, you can start easy with these 12 things to do at the start of the month to organize your mom life.