12 Sensational Style Secrets That’ll Take You From Feeling Frumpy To Looking Chic & Classy

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How to be a stylish stay at home mom: 12 style secrets of stylish moms

My dear old grandmother had many wise sayings.

One of her favourite ones was, “An empty bag can’t stand and a full one doesn’t bend.”

She often told my mother this when my mom would be running around all day taking care of everyone and everything. This often meant that mom either forgot to take care of herself, or had no time left to do so.

My mother’s lack of self-care was admirable, but it did no favours for her health, her happiness, nor her sense of style and confidence.

And on the special occasions when my mom did take time to enhance her appearance and dress well, the change in her mood and confidence was very obvious.

It was obvious that when she looked glamorous, she felt great and exuded confidence!

This taught me the importance of appearance on moods.

I learned that if you looked frumpy, you were more likely to feel and act shy and less confident.
— Ménsea - Clever Glamour Momma

If you looked chic, you were more likely to act and feel confident and fabulous.

With this life lesson in mind, I’ve learned some sensational style secrets throughout the years that’ll take you from feeling frumpy to looking chic & classy.

Here are 12 of my favourites, just for you.

12 Sensational Style Secrets That’ll Take You From Feeling Frumpy To Looking Chic & Classy

1. Underwear Is Everything

Your underwear is extremely important to your overall appearance.

Although underwear should not be seen, if it is too small, too big, or otherwise ill-fitting or inappropriate, it can be the downfall of your entire outfit.

Things like visible panty lines (VPLs), visible bra straps, side boobs from bras that are too small or not fitting well, are extremely unflattering.

If you what to look chic and classy, these fashion failures should be avoided like the plague.

Action Step: Invest in some shapewear to hug your curves and avoid the need for unsightly VPLs and some strapless bras or nipple covers to enhance your appearance.

2. Minimal Makeup

Style secrets of super stylish moms. Minimal make up is flattering and can be done in 5 minutes.

Minimal makeup is better than looking like a clown at Christmas.

A natural look that is clean and simple has many advantages. Minimal makeup takes less time to apply, less money to maintain, improves your appearance and makes you look effortlessly chic and classy.

Most times, you only need a little concealer, or foundation to help you look lovely and glowing.

3. Basics Are Brilliant

Cute outfits for stay at home moms. Good quality basic items like jeans and a simple shirt can make a super stylish outfit for stay at home moms.

Basics are usually very versatile clothing of a simple design which can be worn with various accessories for different events, or occasions.

Basics can be worn with accessories such as, scarves, belts, jackets and jewellery to dress up or dress down an outfit. Basics are unbelievably versatile. They are always on trend and look great on everyone. Therefore, basics are a brilliant investment!

Basic neutrals like white, black, tan and navy are great for wearing to work, or a professional event. For a more laid back look, you can easily pair them with fun, colourful, bold prints and solid colours.

4. The Mighty Monochrome

It doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming to look stylish as a stay at home mom. Some simple style rules to look cute as a stay at home mom.

The meaning of the word “monochromatic” is: “mono” = single and “chromatic” = colour.

Therefore, a monochromatic outfit usually has more than shade or tint of the same colour.

You don’t necessarily have to dress in a solid block of one colour from head to toe. It’s ok to have different tints, or shades of the same colour and look effortlessly stylish doing it.

Monochrome dressing instantly and easily upgrades your look for a chic and classy look. It elongates you and makes you look taller and slimmer.

Dressing in the same or similar colours from the same colour family, is always a great idea and guarantees that you don’t look like a hot mess.

5. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable clothing is absolutely important for a chic & classy look.

If you’re constantly adjusting, tugging, or fixing your clothing, no matter how expensive or classy your outfit is, the illusion will be broken and your confidence will suffer.
— Ménsea

Action Step: Ensure you’re wearing the correct size, so that your comfort is not at risk. Shoes and other accessories like hats and belts also need to be comfortable. If they aren’t, it will be obvious to others and your overall look will be jeopardised.

6. Great Hygiene Matters

It’s pointless looking chic and classy if you smell bad.

Things like body odour, bad breath, bad skin and hair and so on, all ruin the overall masterpiece that is you.

It is important to invest in your self-care as much as you invest in your clothing.

Having your hair and body well moisturised, your nails clean and neat, your mouth clean and smelling good, no trace of bad body odour, are all excellent ways to ensure you have great hygiene and can continue to look and feel confident, chic & classy.

Self-care is extremely important and your overall hygiene should not be ignored.

7. The Smaller The Better

When it comes to prints and patterns, sometimes smaller is better.

This avoids the prints/patterns overwhelming your body.

If they do, this can make it appear as if the outfit is wearing you, rather than you wearing the outfit. No one wants this.

Remain confident and in control by making sure the prints and patterns you wear are smaller. This ensures a chic & classy look!

8. Fake It Till You Make It

How to look stylish as a stay at home mom. Feeling good starts on the inside. So hold your head up high and check your posture.

The saying, “Fake it till you make it” is very appropriate for looking and feeling chic & classy.

If you don’t think and believe that you are confident, chic & classy, you never will be. Believe that you are chic & classy and behave as such. Over time, this will become your reality.

If you only behave or look chic & classy, but do not believe that you are, then the slightest setback or put down will reveal your insecurities and all your past efforts will have been in vain.

Your wall of confidence will come crumbling down. You have to believe in yourself. In other words, “Fake it till you make it.”

9. Good Tailoring Is Priceless

The cornerstone of any great outfit is good tailoring.

Although we all may not be able to afford a tailor on hand to adjust every item in our closet, it is important that you invest in well-fitting pieces.

The better the fit, the better you’ll look. Inevitably, the better you look, the better you’ll feel and your confidence will skyrocket.

Things like a big, baggy blazer/jacket, can ruin an entire outfit and make you look loads bigger than you actually are.

So, it is best to get good tailoring to help you look priceless.

10. Dress for the Occasion

When it comes to dressing, like many other things, it’s very important to keep in mind that there’s a time and place for everything.

Be aware of how to dress for specific occasions or events. For instance, wearing revealing, or see through clothing, to drop off, or pick up your kids from school, may not be the best clothing choice.

Or, wearing bright, bold colours to a funeral, or a tragic event, may seem disrespectful to many.

So, please consider the type of event you will be attending when you are dressing.

Being appropriately dressed keeps you looking confident, chic and classy no matter the event or occasion.

11. Keep It Simple


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Less is more.”

This is true most of the times, especially when it comes to mixing and matching a multitude of colours, prints & patterns in one outfit.

The same applies to your accessories.

Being overzealous and wearing too much of anything at the same time can overwhelm the eyes and drown you underneath all that brightness and busyness.

So, keep it simple and look effortlessly confident, chic and classy.

Remember, there is elegance in simplicity.

12. Flatter Your Figure

Wearing clothing that suits your complexion and body shape is key to looking chic & classy.

Choose colours that compliment your complexion and outfits that flatter your figure. This is sure to give you the best overall appearance and make you stand out in any crowd.

Wearing the correct colour to compliment your complexion makes the world of difference. The wrong colours can make you look sickly, washed out, tired and so on.

By contrast, wearing the correct colours can make you look healthy, vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic. Which would you rather look like?

Action Step: Learn more about colours that compliment your complexion and appropriate outfits to flatter your figure in my FREE resource library. You can get instant access to my library for free when you sign up at Clever Glamour Momma

So there you have it!

12 Sensational Style Secrets That’ll Take You From Feeling Frumpy To Looking Chic & Classy

Over to you! Do you have any style secrets you believe makes you look more confident, chic & classy? Let us know in the comments below.

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