How to Find Time to Blog When You’re a Working Mom

Mama, blogging is hard.

It takes a butt-load of effort and it can takes ages to actually see any results.

Plus you have all that other important stuff to do: going to work. running a home, parenting, and, oh yes, sleep!!

How are you supposed to juggle it all??

So, after a couple of years of blogging, working full time and managing a home, here are my best, diamond-studded tips for working mom bloggers.

How to find time to blog when you're a working mom. Easy tips to juggle kids, a blog and a job.

Time Management For Working Mom Bloggers

Setting Up Your Blog/Work/Home Life so You Don’t Get ‘Blogged Down’

1 | Set Your Blogging Hours

How to find time to blog when you're a working mom. Easy tips to juggle kids, a blog and a job.

Blogging can take over your whole life, if you let it.

But being a working mom, you don’t have that option.

So take a step back and set some boundaries. Looking at your weekly schedule, what time can you dedicate to your blog?

Be realistic, mama!

Remember to factor in sleep, time with family, chores, and your non-blogging interests. Your blog should fit into your life. Not vice versa.

It might help to actually create a detailed hour-by-hour schedule and block off blogging time.

2 | Write a Business Plan


I know, this sounds boring and scary all at the same time.

But, mama, this is a vital time management step.

Because when you first start your blog - I mean, business! - it can be difficult to know what to focus on. So you focus on everything!

You jump from one thing to another, waste time, spend money on too many courses and get burnt out.

Stop the overwhelm with a business plan.

Here are 7 sparkling, not boring, blog business plans for you to choose from. You can thank me in chocolate later.

3 | Set Blogging Goals

I was guilty of not doing this when I first started my blog. I just plodded on doing the same things and getting precisely nowhere.

So set some blogging goals!

I like to set quarterly goals and break them down into monthly action steps.

Check out this helpful blog post with lots of ideas about goals for new bloggers.  

4 | Set-Up Organized Blogging Systems

Are you struggling to find time to blog with kids and a job? Check out these time management tips for working moms.

Remember, mama, you’re not running a blog. You’re running a business. And as such, you need some strong organizational foundations.

Getting organized to blog will make you more productive, more profitable and calmer!!

Here are some easy ways to get you started:

  • Use a blog planner to set goals, stay focused, track key stats and store your content calendar.

    I love the Create Planner by Meera Kothand.  

  • Set up one place to note down all your fabulous blog post ideas.

    That’s right, time to ditch the Post-It avalanche! You could choose a simple Google Doc, a bullet journal, Evernote, or Asana. Or whatever else works for you.

  • Set up a digital filing system.

    I use Google Drive and love it. But use whatever works for you.

    Just create a folder for each branch of your business: Blog posts, guest post submissions, social media posts, opt-ins, course notes etc.

  • Create templates

    Are you wasting time constantly creating new social media images?


    Create a set of templates for every image you create: blog post images, Instagram images, Pins etc.

    Using templates saves time and keeps your branding tight.

Now we’re going to look at setting up your blogging routine. This is the day-to-day routine that will help you put in consistent action to grow your blog and income.

5 | Prioritise Tasks That Make Money

Are you struggling to find time to blog with kids and a job? Check out these time management tips for working moms.

Be honest!

How much time do you waste ‘networking’ in Facebook groups, ‘researching’ on Pinterest and mindlessly scrolling on Instagram?

So take a look at how you spend your precious blogging time and prioritise tasks that will lead to money.

That might be building an email list, writing affiliate posts, pitching brands or just figuring out Tailwind.

Drop the ‘low calorie’ tasks and concentrate on what’s going to make you money.

6 | Track Your Time

So now you’ve set goals and prioritised tasks that make money, how do you know that you’re making the best use of your time?

Ladies, may I introduce you to Time Tracking.

Yes, Time Tracking can change your life. In a good way.

Not like Class A drugs which’ll change your life in a BAD way.

And it’s easy to do.

Simply write down the time you start each task, what the task actually is, and the time you finish each task. All my fellow A-types out there might also want to color-code, but that’s up to you.

At the end of the week/month, take a look back and be honest - are you spending most of your time on cash-pumping tasks? If not, why not??


Choose Courses Verrrrrrry Carefully

Are you struggling to find time to blog with kids and a job? Check out these time management tips for working moms.

When I first got the idea of starting a blog, I got so overwhelmed by all the things that I had to learn that I turned into a course junkie!

Seriously, I was obsessed with learning everything.

So I bought a ton of courses - I’m too scared to actually count how many.

And, yes, learning new things is important for bloggers. But you actually have to have time and energy to apply what you’re learning.

So, choose courses very carefully - to save yourself time and money.

Helpful posts:

Smart questions to ask before you hit ‘buy now’ on that blogging course.

What to do when you can’t afford that blogging course.

Invest in the BEST Blogging Course

As I said, I was a course junkie. But for me the only course I needed when I was a beginner blogger was this one:

Ready, Steady, Blog for Traffic.

Created by our Fairy Blog Mother Elna Cain, Ready Steady Blog for Traffic covers everything you need: Pinterest, SEO, guest posting and much more.

This one has helped me more than any other course I ever bought. And I still refer back to it now. Luckily, it’s super budget friendly, too!

So if you want to save time, money and sanity go hit ‘buy now’.

Work on One Thing at a Time - and Finish It

Eugh - this is huge, mama.

Because as moms and bloggers we feel pressure to do EVERYTHING, we usually have multiple projects on the go at the same time.

But this is such a waste of time and effort because nothing ever gets finished.

And no one can share your blog post if you haven’t published it.

And no one can download your freebie if you haven’t put it on your website.

And… get the idea, mama!

So pick one thing. Work on it. And finish it. Then move on to the next thing.

This may mean setting far fewer goals and to-dos at the start of the quarter, month or week.

And that’s a good thing!

Stop Listening to Everrrrrrrrrrbody

How to juggle kids, a blog and a job. Helpful time management tips for busy working moms.

As new bloggers we tend to take blogging advice from anyone and everyone. But it’s such a time suck because everyone is telling you to do different things!

So pick your favorite 3-4 bloggers about blogging and follow their advice. It might not work, but if you stick to it for a couple of months, you’ll give their advice the best shot of working.

My favorite bloggers who blog about blogging are:

Sure, I read other blog posts about blogging. But I take advice from these 3 bloggers when it comes to deciding the broader direction of my blog.

Get Some Accountability

Sharing your goals with someone who will keep you accountable helps keep you focused on achieving your goals.

And you’re less likely to waste time getting distracted with the latest shiny object!

You could find an accountability buddy in your favorite Facebook group.

Or lots of FB groups have a ‘Monday goals’ kinda post where you can comment with your goals for the week.

Or you could hire a blog coach!

Don’t freak out yet - it might not be as expensive as you think. Take a look at these helpful blog coaches to find out more.

Stop Joining ALL the Facebook groups

Confession time - I’m a recovering Facebook group whore.

Seriously, I couldn’t ever pass up a ‘join my new Facebook group’ invitation.

So I ended up being in 3 million Facebook groups.

And it was a colossal time suck.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Facebook groups and I’ve met some wonderful people in them. I’m just suggesting that you become more intentional about how you use Facebook groups.

Batch Your Tasks

Are you struggling to find time to blog with kids and a job? Check out these time management tips for working moms.

Batching is simply doing similar tasks all at the same time instead of switching backwards and forwards between different tasks.

So for example, you create all the social media and blog images you need for one week all at once. Or you write all your blog post headlines all at once.

Batching works because you’re staying focused on one activity - it’s efficient streamlining of your to-do list.

The lovely Rachel from Write Freelance Writer for You has an amazing guide to help you get started with batching. 

Create Blog Posts Faster

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cut the time it takes to write a blog post?

But each blog post you create can feel like giving birth all over again!!

Don’t worry! Along the way, I have picked up some tips to write my posts faster:

  • Find other bloggers to guest post on your site.

    This one is an amazing time saver AND you get to work with some awesome bloggers in your niche.

    I was dubious about opening up my blog to guest posts. But now I’ve done it twice and I wouldn’t hesitate to invite more bloggers to guest post!

    You can find other bloggers to guest post by reaching out in Facebook groups and by putting an ‘guest post’ invite on your blog sidebar.

  • Create more round up posts

    Round up posts are fun and helpful for readers and an amazing time saver for you. Not everything you write has to be EPIC in length.

    So have some fun rounding up resources, podcasts, books, anything that will benefit your audience.

  • Get a Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant could help you save time with any aspect of your blogging. But what about looking for someone to format your blog posts and hit publish?

    I swear, I sometimes spend more time formatting than writing!

    Reach out in Facebook groups to get recommendations and find the perfect VA fit for you.

  • Repurpose your content

    I know that I’m not doing this enough, but it’s on my list for 2019.

    This is how it works: you’ve written an amazing blog post! Why not turn it into a freebie or a podcast or do a Facebook live or create a YouTube video? You’re using the same content in different ways..

    Kayla from Ivory Mix has a helpful blog post on repurposing your content. Pin it now!

  • Hire a ghostwriter

    OK. So this is a controversial one.

    But lots of bloggers do it.

    So why not?

    And you could just hire someone to write posts for you while you take maternity leave or get through some other busy season.

    Again, reach out in your favorite Facebook groups to get recommendations.

  • Find ONE source for stock photos

    Using stock photos on your blog is an amazing way to save time.

    But unfortunately, nothing wastes time like browsing stock photos from 10 different sources for the ‘perfect’ photo.

    I used to be guilty of this to, so this year I decided to sign up with Kayla from Ivory Mix.

    With her membership, you get access to new stock photos every month and they’re all organized into color, niche, and type, so you can find the perfect image.

    And it’s saved me a butt-load of time. Win!!

Stay Motivated

Are you struggling to find time to blog with kids and a job? Check out these time management tips for working moms.

Yes, this is a time management tip.

Because consistency is key to blogging growth.

If you’re constantly taking long breaks, it’s going to be harder to grow your blog and your income.

So use these sneaky tips to keep yourself motivated to blog. 

Use Social Media Automation

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I only just signed up to Tailwind. And honestly, it’s changing my blogging life.

The point is, if you’re repeatedly doing something that could be automated, you’re wasting your time.

So check out social media schedulers like Tailwind, Buffer, and Hootsuite and let them save you time.

Use Your Dead Time

Waiting in the dentist’s office?

Stuck in traffic?

Cleaning the toilet?

Use these pockets of ‘dead time’ to mentally outline a blog post, or write your next Instagram caption.

Check out these other ways to sneak in more blog work during your day.

And here’s how to use your commute to work on your blog. 

Get Your Home Under Control

Trying to find time to blog when you have kids, a home to run and a full time job can feel impossible. Check out these helpful time management tips for busy working mom bloggers.

So we’re streamlining, delegating and automating our blogger butts off. But what about your home?

If you’re constantly fighting to stay on top of home management, you’re wasting time you could spend blogging - or with your family, or asleep.

And I feel like this is a crucial step that lots of mommy bloggers are missing.

Because we are talking about saving a LOT of time!! I even saved one mom more than 5 hours a week!! It can be done!!

So here are some home management-related ways you can free up more time:

Time Management for Working Moms Trying to Grow a Blog

Being a mom is tough.

Blogging is tough.

And we’ve decided to do both at the same time which basically makes us masochistic superheros.

But hopefully these time management tips will help you be more efficient with your time - they’ve certainly saved my life many times!!

Remember to take care of yourself, even if you just have 5 minutes for self care.

And don’t forget to keep life fun - even if you’re a control freak a-type!!

You can do this, mama!!!

Trying to find time to blog when you have kids, a home to run and a full time job can feel impossible. Check out these helpful time management tips for busy working mom bloggers.