QUIZ: How organized are you really?

How Organized Are You Really? Take The Fun Quiz

Take this fun quiz and gain some key insights into your organizing personality. 

You know you're tempted! Go on, take the quiz. 

Here are the possible outcomes, just in case you're curious. 



1. The Organizing Olympian

How Organized Are You? The Organizing Olympian.

You are super organized and you run your home like a General directing battle. Your home has been ruthlessly decluttered, labelled and color-coded into submission.

Great: You save time, money and energy every day because you’ve set up automated and streamlined processes like freezer cooking, budget meetings and a family calendar.

Not so great:  You may have forgotten the main goal of organizing which is to make life easier so you can enjoy those important things. You might even be burning yourself out in your quest for efficiency and productivity. 

Why not: Sit back and relax a little. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with some spontaneous family time. 

Or focus on your self-care routine for a while. Try incorporating me-time into your morning routine. This might mean more time for appreciation, gentle exercise or reading. Check out my helpful, easy-to-implement blog posts on Self-Care. 

2.  The organizing veteran

How Organized Are You? The Organizing Veteran.

Congratulations, mama. To you getting organized is fun and helps you make time and space for the important things. Your home is occasionally messy but you don’t mind that. You know your family is busy making memories. 

Great: You have a balanced approach to organizing. You know an organized home can save you time, money and energy but you don't fall into the Pinterest-Perfection trap. You know done is better than perfect, and making memories is more important than having a show-home.

Why not: Sign up for my weekly Briefing Notes and get easy-to-implement, allergic-to-complexity weekly action steps to keep you on track so you can carry on enjoying your home. 

3. The organizing rookie

How Organized Are You? The Organizing Rookie.

You know organizing is important and throw yourself into research and buying cute containers.

Great: You’re full of enthusiasm. You know organizing is key to saving you time, money and energy every day. 

Not so great: You don’t know where to start. You’ve read hundreds of blog posts, made countless lists and got yourself overwhelmed. Maybe you’re comparing your home to what you see on Pinterest and feeling deflated. Analysis Paralysis might be your middle name. 

Why not: Relax, mama. Stop trying to do everything at once: Do one thing well and then move on. Why not start with the most important organization systems a home needs: a budget, a meal plan and a laundry plan. Everything else can wait. Check out this helpful blog post about the 3 Rookie-level organizing systems every home needs.

4. The organizing virgin

How Organized Are You? The Organizing Veteran.

Damn girl, you making things hard for yourself. 

Great: You haven't fallen into the trap of obsessing about the perfect meal planning system or the best way to set up your planner. Kudos. 

Not so great: You know life doesn't have to be a hectic whirlwind of mess, stress and creased clothes, right? You can save time, money and time everyday with just a few key organizing tweaks. This means you'll have more time to enjoy the fun stuff. 

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