Want to combine mompreneur
and mom life?

(Without sacrificing sleep, TV, or family time.)



Ever wonder how you’ll write blog posts, when the only ‘copy’ you ever find time to write is your shopping list (side note: don’t forget the milk!)

Ever wonder how to run your business and not get so far behind on laundry you have to send your kids to school in their Halloween costumes (because literally all their other clothes are dirty and *ahem* waiting to be washed)? 

Ever wonder if you’ll ever be able to declutter that spare bedroom and finally get the home office of your dreams? (So you can get some blessed peace and quiet, build your business and see those ‘payment notifications’ start hitting your inbox.)

How to juggle being a mom and a mompreneur? 

Sounds good but…you’ve got no energy, no time, no baby-sitter, and definitely no organizing mojo, right?

No problem, mamma!

You just need the right systems. The right organizing systems make getting organized seem like a guilty pleasure (even if all the odds are stacked against you).

A home organizing system means that you’re basically putting your home on autopilot. And until someone invents robot personal assistants or a self-organizing home of the future, systems are a frazzled mompreneurs secret weapon.


I'm Lois. I help mompreneurs run their homes so they can find
more time, space and energy to run their businesses. 

                     Look! It's me. A happy hybrid of soulful and sarcastic. 

                     Look! It's me. A happy hybrid of soulful and sarcastic. 

And yes, I'm a tiny bit obsessed when it comes to organizing systems. But I wasn't always like this. 


The Backstory

If you're easily shocked, please look away now because I have a toe-curlingly embarrassing confession to make.

Here it comes...

I am, by nature, disorganized, forgetful and very messy. 

You remember those girls at school who had color-coded planners, pretty pencil cases and always-on-time homework?

That wasn't me. 

If there is an organizing gene, I wasn't born with it. 

But if you're not born organized, you can learn to be organized. 


GI Jane

And I learnt from the best. 

After watching GI Jane one too many times, and falling in love with Richard Gere in 'An Officer and a Gentleman', I joined the military. 

Clearly, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. 

But it was the best decision I ever made.

Mostly because that's where I met my wonderful husband. (Spoiler Alert: I did not meet Richard Gere.)

I also learnt the secret to being organized: it's all about setting up the right organizing system for you.  

Even if you aren't naturally organized, setting up solid systems can get you organized and keep you organized. 

What's the difference between an organized person and a disorganized person? It's all about organizing systems.

foxglove Avenue

Yes, I’m now head over heels in love with organizing but here’s the thing…my organizing systems won’t work for you.


Because you don’t live in my house. And you're not me. 

So mamma, you won’t see me posting high-res photos of my pantry or get a peek at my planner. Mainly because my pantry is diabetes-inducingly full of Nutella and my planner looks like the scrawlings of a crazy person. But my organizing systems work perfectly for me.

And you need organizing systems that work for you, your family and your home.

Luckily, helping you create your very own home-organizing system is my specialty, my secret sauce, my superhero super power.

I know how to take #reallife, add a pinch of Pinterest organizing porn and blend it up into a cocktail called ‘Oh, That Actually Makes Life Easier’. 


Get ready to fall in love with your home again.

What's the difference between an organized person and a disorganized person? It's all about organizing systems.

Want More Time?

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Learn how to put your home on auto-pilot with organizing systems.

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