Is your to-do list overweight, over-long and overwhelming?


You need the To-Do List Detox: A FREE 8-day email challenge to nip, tuck and beautify your to-do list.
(You won't even have to drink any stinky green juice, I promise.) 

What would you do with an extra hour?


  • finally finish that craft project you started ages ago?

  • read those books that have been gathering dust on your nightstand?

  • enjoy extra cuddles with your little ones?

  • ·slump on the couch to watch Bones? (No judgments from me!)

  • ·do whatever the heck you want?

Do you believe these 5 time wasting, sanity sucking myths?

1. Everyone has the same 24 hours as Beyoncé;

2. You must get up early if you ever hope to get through your to-do list;

3. You must give up TV (and everything else you love) if you want to be productive;

4. To smash your to-do list, you should follow the exact same morning routines as those high-flying celebrities and businesswomen;

5. The secret to productivity is to find the perfect planner or app.


Wrong. So wrong. 

I wasted so much time believing these myths and you know what happened?  I was grumpy, tired beyond belief and my to-do list sat there mocking my pitiful efforts at getting stuff done.  So I tired something different. 

                                                       To-do list still kicking your butt? Time to kick back with a new plan. Try the To-Do List Detox. 

                                                       To-do list still kicking your butt? Time to kick back with a new plan. Try the To-Do List Detox. 

What's in it for me? 

Smart question. I wouldn't waste your time, so here's what the To-Do List Detox covers:

How to take an honest look at how you're spending your time

How to put your home on auto-pilot

The 4 easy organizational tweaks that can save you time (and money)


How to streamline those repetitive chores

Why you need to stop trying to manage your time (and what to do instead)

My secret to staying focused and avoiding distractions

Is the To-Do List Detox for me?

This FREE email Detox Challenge is for you if:

  • You're in the trenches of motherhood;
  • You want to be more intentional with your time;
  • You want to get through your to-d0 list and still have time (and energy) to spend with your family or do something for yourself (*gasp*);
  • You're sick of reading productivity 'hacks' that are great for college kids, CEOs and celebrity moms, but have less than zero to do with your life;
  • You've burnt the candle at both ends and still not conquered your do-do list. Now you're ready to work smarter not harder. 

Step away from the to-do list, put away the vino and hit the button below to get free and immediate access to this 8-day email course. 

Who are you anyway?

Oh yes, I’m Lois. I’m an ex-soldier, former high school teacher and currently a stay at home mamma. And no, I’m honestly not sure which ‘job’ is hardest. I have a mild chai tea latte addiction (Starbucks- variety only, thank you). And a serious addiction to shows like Bones, Supernatural and Sherlock.

The only thing you need to know about me is that I’m a Lazy Perfectionist. I want a clean, organized, and well-run home, but I don’t want to spend all day cleaning, running errands or doing organizing projects.

Laziness is what drives me to hunt down easier, quicker and more efficient ways of getting that to-do list done. Because when my babies need me or when Bones comes on the TV, you better believe I’m dropping that to-do list like yesterday’s dirty diaper. 

Lois Gray creator of the To-Do List Detox Challenge

Ok, I'm in. What happens when I sign up?

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