Where to start getting organized when your whole house needs organizing

Where to start getting organized when your whole house needs organizing

When you feel that your whole house (and life) needs decluttering and organizing, it can be impossible to know where to start. 

The usual advice to 'just do something' is useless when you simply don't know where to start. 


    That's where I come in. 

    I help mompreneurs (just like you!) launch their decluttering and organizing campaigns. 

    • Even if you've tried and failed countless times before;
    • Even if you've read every blog post on 'getting started' you can find on Pinterest;
    • Even if you've got no babysitter, no time and no organizing mojo. 


    The Where to Start Package Includes...

    The in depth questionnaire helps you to identify your personal organizing and decluttering goals

    An in depth questionnaire to identify your personal decluttering and organizing needs, goals and style.

    Online consultation with a professional organizer

    A 1-hour Skype chat with me to create your customized and realistic plan of action.

    A plan of action to start your decluttering and organizing campaign

    4 action steps to get you started in your decluttering and organizing campaign.


    This Package is For You If...

    • You're motivated to take action;
    • You are willing to do the pre-consulation questionnaire;
    • You aren't struggling with hoarding. Hoarding is an issue that requires
      specialist help that I am NOT qualified to give you. 



    Ready to get started? Here's How to Book Your Get Started Package


    Step One

    Fill out the form below to let me know you're ready to get started. 

    Step Two

    Within 48 hours, I'll send you the contract to sign and invoice to pay. 

    Step Three

    I'll send you your questionnaire and a link to book your 1-hour Skype consultation. 

    Step Four

    We'll have our 1-hour Skype consultation and you'll have a clear plan of action to get your started.